Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Kids Du#4–Anna - 2016

Date/Location: 4/17/16, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: 29:41 (7:54 – 13:17  – 8:33)
Place: 1st overall girls
Teammates: n/a


WP_20160417_08_28_54_ProGo and we and off. I see a tall girl in front of me and some little kids too. I kept running and got to the turn. I turned onto the trail and kept running. I past the kids in fount of me and I knew that I was the first girl. It was a little easier to be the first girl because the fast girl was not here.

I kept running and stayed in front of them. I crossed the road and then run on the dirt. I could see the transition area now. I run fast and get my bike. I jump on it and go. WP_20160417_08_39_54_ProWP_20160417_08_40_13_Pro

I bike across the bridge and turn and keep going. I am the wind. Finally I get to the turn around. I turn around and go up hill then downhill then on the path then bake on the bridge. When I get WP_20160417_08_52_33_Proto the end of the bridge I see a person and when I bike by him he said ‘’I love the jersey go Christ.’’ I keep on going with the lord it was the first time I had heard that.

I go down the hill bake to transition. I hop off my WP_20160417_08_53_46_Probike and put it down and take off my helmet and I am off! I start running it is the same run and I now it well. Turn uphill downhill uphill flat keep running. Fast straight then cross road now I am on the dirt. I keep running I see my dad and mom up ahead. I keep running and I run into the finish and I am done!!!!!!!