Sunday, April 10, 2016

HITS Open Tri–Anna ‘16

April 10th, 2016 – Lake Berryessa, CA
Swim 100 yards – 3 Mile Bike – 1 Mile Run

1st in Age group 11-12 Girls
Go! I jump in the water it is cold. But I kept swimming to the red buoy. I start to follow two girls but then they start going the wrought way so I followed the group. I go around the red buoy and it is still cold. I start doing breaststroke and free style. I get out of the water and start to run up but I cannot get my zipper to go down but dad helps me. I get to transition and get my stuff on and jump on my bike. I bike fast and try to beat girls. I come to the turn around and turn. I am almost done with the bike. I pedal hard and get to transition. My friends cheer me on. I switch to the run and go. I take a juice box with me because dad told me to. But when I got out of transition dad told me to give him the juice box because I do not need it. I go on the run. Uphill, flat and turn around. I started to run back and I felt happy because I was almost there. When I started running down the hill I saw a girl in front of me. I chased her and tried to get her but I could not catch her but I finished with the lord.