Saturday, November 19, 2016

Davis Turkey Trot 10k - Anna


November 19, 2016 – Davis, CA


10km Run




1st out of 3 (11 & under), 32nd overall woman


5K: Ariel Soares, Robin Soares
10K: Caryn Galekas, Suzanne Hartley,Troy Soares

TeamSoares at Turkey TrotGo!!!!!!!!!! And we are off. Anna 10k start video snapshotI start running.

Mile 1: 8:18. I see a girl up ahead in a white shirt. I decide to stay up with her even though I will be going under my pace. I follow her and stay up with her.

Mile 2: 7:56. Now I see another girl in front of me. I decide to try to pass both of them.  I pass them.

Mile 3: 7:45. I stay ahead of both of them and keep running. Now I see a boy up ahead. I pass him.

Mile 4: 7:40. I keep running and making goals for my self like, “I can't wait till I get to 4 and a half miles”. Now I see that the boy I passed is right behind me. I keep running for a little bit and then he passes me. I say good jod to him and ask how old he was. He says he is 9 years old. I am surprised that a 9 year old is passing me. But it is just my first 10k.

Anna3Mile 5: 7:44. I keep running and soon I’m on a road and there is a turn-around. So l turn around and then turn again then way ahead is the finish line!

Mile 6: 7:54. I run and my family cheers me on and I sprint in to the finish. I got first in my age group and got a time of 50 min. I feel thankful and happy at the same time.

Anna Finish1

161119 TurkeyTrot Breakfast after