Saturday, November 19, 2016

Davis Turkey Trot 5K–Robin


November 19, 2016 – Davis, CA


5km Run




1st out of 53 F40-44, 7th overall woman


5K: Ariel Soares, Robin Soares
10K: Anna Soares, Caryn Galekas, Suzanne Hartley,Troy Soares

I’m looking forward to the family racing together and having a yummy breakfast after!  It looks like rain but hard to tell at this race. Ariel and I are doing the 5K and Troy and Anna the 10K.  This is Anna’s first 10K!  Ariel will run on her own and I’ll finish with her once I cross the line.  She was running so fast yesterday when we did a family mile run.  She wants to run 30 minutes.

TeamSoares at Turkey TrotI ran 21:24 last year and I’m not expecting to match that.  I have been feeling a bit discouraged by my fitness…but it’s my own fault because I’m not putting in the miles.  I am very encouraged by my spiritual fitness.  I feel a closeness with the Lord and a desire to be an ambassador for Him!

We find our FCA teammates Caryn Galeckas and Suzanne Hartley.  We all pray together.  Nice!  Ariel and I line up.  Troy gets her in a good, safe spot closer to the back.  The 5Kers are starting with the half marathoners.   

Ready, set, go!  We are off. I take off with the 1:30 half marathon pace group.  I hope to go under 7 min pace so this is a good place to be!  Haven’t been running this kind of pace for more than a mile at the FCA track workouts so it’s risky. I actually feel strong so maybe it will be okay.

Mile 1 is 6:41. Nice!  Feeling good!

I pass the 1:30 group because their pace has dropped off a bit.  I run under the ped overpass.  No runners there yet so I must be doing okay.  I’ll look for Ariel down below once I get up the there. 

The 1:30 group is with me again but we soon split off.  I tell them great job and keep it up!  We jump onto a greenbelt and wind our way back to the ped overpass.  I look for Ariel’s pink shirt but don’t see her.  I call out her name in case she can hear me. 

Mile 2 is 6:50.  Good!  Still feeling strong!  Thank you Lord!  What a gift to be able to push so hard!

I run through a park and pass 2 girls.  I tell them good job.  Soon, I’m back on the street and heading back to the finish.  I look at my watch and wonder if I can actually go under 21 min.  That would cool!

I can see the finish way off.  Dig deep!  Those other girls are probably not far behind!

Mile 3 is 6:37.  Pushing hard, smiling and thanking Jesus!

Robin_FinishI cross the finish in 21:27.  Wow, so close to last year!  I’m happy with that!

I hug Troy and Anna at the finish and run back for Ariel.  Troy and Anna are now off to the start of their race.  I find Ariel running really strong.  I tell her right when she hits a certain landmark to sprint like she did on her run yesterday.  Right on cue, she goes for it!  She finishes under 30 minutes!  Yeah!  Thank You God!


161119 TurkeyTrot Breakfast after