Saturday, November 19, 2016

Davis Turkey Trot 5K–Ariel


November 19, 2016 – Davis, CA


5km Run


29:27 PR! (Previous Best 33:07)


4th out of 16 (8-9 Year Girls), 83rd overall women


5K: Robin Soares
10K: Anna Soares, Caryn Galekas, Suzanne Hartley,Troy Soares

TeamSoares at Turkey TrotGo!!!!  I run off.  I’m starting to feel behind.  I’m sad that Mommy and Daddy aren’t with me.  I start to feel better.  Then I see the sign for 1 Mile. 

Mile 1. 9:01. I keep running and I see the bridge that racers cross.  I look for Mom but don’t see her.

I keep running and make a turn. I see a sign pointing 5Kers right and I follow it onto a trail.  I keep following the trail and see that bridge again.  I go over the bridge. 

Mile 2. 9:31. I see the sign for Mile 2 and an Aid Station.  I grab a cup of water, drink it and throw it. 

I keep running and see another 5K sign in a park.  I follow the people in front of me.  We get back to the road going to the finish line.  I see someone in yellow coming towards me and think it is Dad coming for me.  But it is Mom.  She encourages me all the way to the finish. 

Mile 3. 9:38. At the very end I sprint super hard.  I come into the finish.  I finished!!!!Ariel_Finish

161119 TurkeyTrot Breakfast after