Sunday, April 9, 2017

HITS Open Tri–Ariel & Anna - 2017

April 9th, 2017 – Lake Berryessa, CA
Swim 100 yards – 3 Mile Bike – 1 Mile Run
ARIEL – 25:54
ANNA -17:31 PR! (18:19 in 2015)
ARIEL - 1st in Age group 9-10 Girls
ANNA – 1st Female Overall
WP_20170409_11_42_32_ProI am feeling scared for the swim because it's so cold.  The race director says 10, 9, 8,…3, 2, 1, go!  I dive in and the first thing I feel is cold!  I pop my head up out of the water and I start panicking.  I try to swim freestyle but I can't because I can't breath right.  Another 170409_hits_open_ariel_swimracer hears me panic and she pushes me ahead.  I feel better but still am panicking.  I try to do freestyle again but can't so I do doggie paddle. I get around the buoy that way.  Then I realize I can do backstroke!  I do that all the way back…taking breaks to turn over and look for the shore. I make it!  I get out of the water.  Dad hands me my Garmin and Mom unzips my (shortie) wetsuit.  I run into transition, take off my wetsuit and get gear on for the bike. WP_20170409_12_37_37_ProI run out of transition with my bike. I start biking up a hill. A person directs me left onto another road. I see Anna biking back. She’s behind 2 girls and doing well. Anna says, “There’s someone behind you. Don’t let her catch you!” The girl catches me and passes me. She’s older than me. We both pass a girl on the way to the turn around. Then we come to the turn around. The girl in front of me takes a big, sharp turn and falls to the side into the hillside. She gets helped up and gets going before I even reach her. Then I pass her on the way back. WP_20170409_12_45_58_ProBack into the park and down to transition. Guess what? The girl passes me again and gets into transition first. Luckily, she had more things to do to get ready for 170409_hits_open_ariel_runthe run. I get out of transition first. On the way out, I pass a girl and her dad. I go up the hill and that person directs me to the right this time. It’s not long until I see the turn-around and I pass a guy. I look back and see a boy and his mom. I pick it up and make it to the turn-around first. It’s not long until I make it back to the park. I run down the hill and see a man dressed as Buzz Lightyear. He directs me to the finish and I run as fast as I can. I finish the race! I feel good. P.S. I got 1st Place in my age group and Anna got 1st Female Overall!     
ANNA’S STORY WP_20170409_11_42_03_Pro3, 2, 1, go!, the race director counts down.  I start running to the water and jump in.  Burr, it's cold!  I keep swimming and my face starts to hurt.  I keep trying to put my head in but it's so cold. I have to lift my head often.  When I get to the buoy I have to lift my head more because It's so crowded.  Once I got around, I try to put my head down and swim to shore.  I see WP_20170409_12_32_03_Proground below and I start running towards transition.  I pull the zipper down and the wetsuit a little bit.  I see my red towel I placed to dry off.  I don't use it because it's faster not to and I feel fine. I get into transition.  I put on my bib, helmet and shoes.  I 170409_hits_open_anna_bikehad my jacket in case I feel cold and I don't so I leave it.  I run out of transition, get on my bike and start pedaling uphill.  I pedal hard down the road and see a girl on the side with her bike.  Her chain fell off and I ask her if she's ok.  She says something but I cannot hear her.  She doesn't seem to understand what I said.  WP_20170409_12_40_14_Pro I bike out of the park and down the road.  I make the turn and I pass a man on his bike.  He soon passes me back.  I enter transition and take off my helmet.  I see the girl who lost her chain come into transition.  I better hurry up! I run out of transition.  I see a girl and that man ahead of me.  I know I'm in third.  I run up the hill and turn on to the street.  The girl and guy 170409_hits_open_anna_finishare way closer.  I keep running and see the cone up ahead.  I pass the girl and guy and run around the cone. I turn back and start running down the hill.  I'm surprised to be in first!  All the sudden, I hear the man running up behind me.  So I start sprinting and he is sprinting.  He has longer legs than me and he out sprints me to the finish.  I cross the finish pointing up to God.  I still got second place, my favorite number, and was the first female overall.