Sunday, May 21, 2017

Auburn Mini Tri–Anna - 2017


5/21/17 – Auburn, CA


500m S – 13km B – 4km R


1:40:19 (17:47- 5:57 – 51:15 – 1:21 – 24:01)


7th (out of 8) Place, 1-14


Long –Jesse Moore, Troy Soares

Int’l - Dave Campbell, Flor Hodges, Leila Sermek, Robin Soares

Mini – Farah Avasarala, Mike Bradley, Sydney Lewis

170521_auburntri_mini_anna_swimWe have to swim to the swim start. I am feeling good. I see Mrs. Knop from school on the paddle board. 5 4 3 2 1 Go. It is crowded, but I keep swimming. I make it around the first buoy and keep swimming. When we get to the next buoy, the other swimmers join us from the other groups. We swim and swim and get to the last buoy and swim in to shore. I run up the ramp and to transition. I start to take off my wetsuit but it gets stuck on my feet. After what seems like 5 minutes, I finally am able to pry it off.

170521_auburntri_mini_anna_bike2I get on my bike and start biking. I coast down hills and pedal up hill. We turn left and right. Somehow I make a wrong turn but I get back on track. After a lot of pedaling, we get to Shirland Tract. I make it up the switch back without stopping. I coast downhill and uphill. When I get to the three big hills, I slowly make it up the first one, the second one and the third one. I go down the big hill and bike on the busy road. I don’t see Ariel, Ellie and Ben but I thought that they might have had to go to church. I bike to transition, get off my bike, take off my helmet and put on my hat. I start running but realize I left my Garmin.  I go back and get it.

I get some water and run down the trail. I think I’m going the wrong way so I stop and yell back to the volunteer on the trail to make sure I am going the right way. I am running slowly because I am tired. I run on the trails and soon get to the pavement part. I start crying because I feel emotional. I get some water from the aid station and keep running. I get on another trail and start running fast with God’s help. I pass some people and make it to the road and run through the finish line.