Sunday, May 14, 2017

TBF Happy Kids Du #5–Anna & Ariel - 2017

Date/Location: 5/14/17, Granite Bay
Distance: 1mi R – 3miB – 1mi R
Time: Anna: 27:57 (Previous 29:59)
Ariel: 34:41 (Previous 40:25)
Place: Anna: 1st age/1st Overall
Ariel: 2nd in age group



10, 9, 8, …, 3, 2, 1, go!  I start running and look for Kylie who is a fast girl in my age group.  I go through a gate, up a hill, down a hill, and then up a hill.  There is a boy in front of me and I try to pass him but I can't.  I try again and pass him!  But he passes me back.  We go down a hill and I pass him again.  I run hard to stay ahead of him but he's on my tail. He gets me right before transition.


I get into transition and get ready quick.  I get out of transition ahead of that boy.  The boy has a road bike and passes me.  I try to catch up but he's too fast.  I see these two girls and I pass them.  I go down a little hill and another boy passes me.  I try to catch him but he's too fast.  Then a girl about Anna's age passes me.  I go to the turn around and then another boy passes me.  I keep going up this little hill and I hear someone crying.  It's a girl my age! I ask her what is the matter she tells me something is wrong with her bike.  I pass her and say “God's got your back!”. 

I go to up a small hill, down a small hill, up a small hill and then down a small hill.  I go around a corner and go straight into the wind!  This feels hard.  I pray that that girl would be happy and I prayed for strength to bike into the wind.  Then I remember a verse: “if you hope in God, you'll fly like an eagle.  And when you run, you will not grow weary.  And when you walk, you will not faint” (Isaiah 40:31).  Right then, I feel God put a song in my heart, “Fight Song”. Then I start to feel stonrger and stronger.  I start catching up to another rider. 

And I go down the hill into transition, take off my helmet and go out on the run.  A girl starts gaining on me.  I try to keep her off my tail but she’s still there. 

I run across a little streets and see the pathway to the finish.  That girl is gaining on me and I don’t want her to catch me.  I sprint very hard,  I can see the finish line now.  I race through and I beat her!  I shake her hand when she finishes.  I feel good!  Btw, I got 2nd place.


 WP_20170514_08_55_26_ProWP_20170514_08_56_18_ProWP_20170514_09_05_00_Pro WP_20170514_09_05_07_ProWP_20170514_09_39_53_Pro


At the race start, I see two boys that look competitive and fast.  I'm excited that I have competition!

When they say go, I start running and a little girl sprints ahead.  I know she's not going to keep the pace. I pass her and keep running into the trail.  I follow the lead biker and go through the trails.  When I get out to the open part, it's a straight away to the finish line.  We have to run through the finish to get to transition. 

I have a quick transition and get on the bike first.  I start biking up the hill and over the bridge.  I'm surprised I haven't seen those boys yet.  When I turn at the end of the bridge, I look back and see one of the boys in the distance.  I keep biking on the loop.  When I get around the loop and start biking back, I cheer for the kids coming towards me.  I see Ariel and smile at her.  This cute little boy bikes by and says with enthusiasm “good job, you're doing great!”.  He did the same thing in the last race!  I tell him good job. 

I keep biking and see my little friend Othniel Marshall.  I say “ good job Othniel!”.

I keep biking and make it back to the bridge.  I go across the bridge, down the hill and back into transition.


I jump off my bike, take off my helmet and glasses. 


I start the run and there's no lead biker this time.  I run along the same trail.  A person directs me and cheers me on.  My legs are still numb from the bike. 

I get to the open straight away and start running to the finish fast.  When I get close, I sprint. WP_20170514_08_58_27_Pro

I point up to God as I finish.  I am first overall.  I see the two boys finish and shake their hands.  Thank you God!