Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Crown City 12K–Troy -2017


July 4, 2017 – Coronado, Ca








Robin Soares (FCA), Anna Soares (FCA), Ariel Soares (FCA), Detrik, Anika, Jan Heidt, Dan Cadriel

It’s been hot in Auburn so the cooler coast climate here in Coronado Island is great for running.  My legs and achilles have been really stiff and I haven’t run much.  This is a fast-pace race so I’m concerned but at least it’s only a 12k.  I never know how things are going to go so I try to be optimistic.  Have the fun of the racing is going through the motions of registering, warming up as a team, strategizing, and most importantly, praying and realizing the Lord is the only One who can calm any fears I have.

The girls, cousins and Grammie are doing the 5k.  Robin and I get to line up together for the 12k.  Always a treat!  A great speech, great starting line, a lot of stretching and preparing, and we’re off..


Under the flag, across the grass, my slow start leaves me a little behind everyone.  I’m being really conscience of form: outside of the feet, relaxed lower legs, good hip and glute form.  I start to warm up and catch up to Robin.  Always love running next to Robin in a race.  Robin is shooting for 7:15 and me, 7:00.  So we part ways and I continue trying to run relaxed and smart.  I really don’t know what to expect.  I could get tired quickly or have a foot or calf seize up.  But for now, things feel good.

Mile 1. 6:56. That’s good. Along the golf course now.  Gradual speed bumps in the road seem to sneak up on me.  I remind myself each time to watch my step.  It’s like I’m giving so much energy to running I hardly have any left to think about not falling.  There’s a woman up ahead that I try to keep up with.  The foot is holding up.

Mile 2. 6:40. Wow.  The woman is holding a good pace and I’m so appreciative to be able to match it.  I’m already thanking the Lord!  It’s been quite a while since I ran under 7 min pace. The long straight-away.  Beforehand I told Robin “it’s just a 10k with a little extra at the end”.  Reminding myself of that I keep expecting to be able to see the turn-around soon.  We pass the Naval Base where we used to turn in.  I think about all our brave service men and women.

Mile 3. 6:45. Holding the pace.  Eating a Cliff Block.  Keeping good form.  We go by the septic area – the stinky part, along otherwise beautiful, clean Coronado.  I go by a man who looks 65 and running so well.  I see the leaders coming back.  The turn is farther than expected.  Counting the women I see that the one I’m with is 5th.  I make the turn and also pull slightly ahead of the woman, encouraging her.  She’s helping me and I’ll help her, this way we’ll both get to the end faster.  I can’t wait to see Robin up ahead soon..

Mile 4. 6:43.  Going great! Thanks, Lord. And there’s Robin!  We high-five.  It’s so encouraging having so much support from each other and just wanting to do well for them.  The woman I’m running with is surging and I’m having to talk myself into maintaining this tough pace.  I want to slow down but maybe I’ll catch someone I know, maybe I’ll get a good place.. where is that next mile marker!

Mile 5. 6:51. Getting tough, legs getting tight.  Still excited to be running this pace!  The slight changes from street to sidewalk and back again take a lot of effort and thought.  Trying to be smooth, and fast.  Finally, the golf course.. just hold this for another mile and I’ll be close

Mile 6. 6:48.  Good.  Another woman is ahead and the one with me is making her move.  Exciting to watch and definitely don’t want to get left behind now.  Negotiating the speed bumps.  Now she’s in 4th which means I’m in good position, too.  Yes, the corner to the alley-section. Almost there.  I take the corner well, out near the highway and back and now I’m ahead of the woman and running well!

Mile 7. 6:33.  Yes, catching 4th place woman got us both farther ahead.  Now I see the 3rd place woman, and, sure enough, the woman I was running with comes from behind and passes me and her.  Great job!  Under the bridge and then I see our friend, Dan Cadriel.  Although from Arizona, he’s always at this race and his choice to run shirt-less makes him easy to spot.  He’s a good runner so it’s an honor to be able to pass him.  But it’s also painful..


just a few more turns through the campgrounds.. my legs are yelling at me.  The finish and I see the girls and Dad and Detrik.


Thank you, Lord, for giving me more than I deserve and letting me have a fast, beneficial workout.  It’s all for you! 

I finish in 50:33, 4th place, with a 6:18 pace for the last 1/2 mi. Very happy.