Saturday, May 23, 2020

TBF Virtual Duathlon–Troy-2020


5/23/2020 Granite Beach, CA


10K Run – 40K Bike


2:15:21 (52:08-1:23:13)




Oly Du: Anna Soares, Robin Soares; Sprint Du: Caryn Galeckas, Suzanne Hartley; Super Sprint: Ariel Soares

With Corona Virus, all the races were cancelled.  But, thank the Lord, the virus is under control and racing is starting back up.. at least virtually.

We love the TBF race organization, and we need something to show us if we’re still in any shape after all the shelter-in-place, so of course we’re here doing the TBF Virtual Duathlon!

Robin, Ariel, Anna, myself and Caryn and Susanne are ready to go here at Granite Beach.  It’s Memorial Day Wknd and the park has just opened so there are a number of families coming out to camp.  But no typical race crowd.. you can run your virtual Du anytime, any place.. we just chose to do it at the regular place.

We all pray before our big effort.  I know it’s going to feel uncomfortable at times so pray that I can give God my best effort and let the pain remind me to appreciative being able to do this.. it is a blessing. God is truly good, even in bad times.  We know there are people hurting from loss, illness and unemployment and any day it could be us as well.  Today is a day we’re going to appreciate.



Anna and Robin take off on the 10k run course with Anna leading early.


Caryn & Suzanne on the 5k course. 

They finish the run and once all of them are off on the bike, Ariel and I start our race.



Ariel & I run the same pace for 1/2 mile.  I’m impressed at her keeping up with me.  We say our goodbyes as she turns back for her 1mile course and I continue on the 10k.  It’s getting warm and will be hot on the 2nd loop.  I’m remembering the Lord and happy to be out seeing other people gathering with their families on this special weekend.  I pray Corona Virus doesn’t strike and the extra freedom we’re all experiencing can continue.  I feel like it’s all going to be good.

Mile 1: 8:41. The backside trail is awesome.  I jump to the side when other runners come towards me as it’s a narrow trail.  Robin made this course and it’s great.  My rt heel has been a big problem this last month.  Today it’s pretty sore but I do my best to keep a reasonable pace.

Mile 2: 8:44. Across the road again and now out in the open on the sandy trails.  Back through the beach area, transition is empty as Ariel is on the bike now.

Mile 3: 8:21. Loop #2, getting warmer and I’m getting more sore.  I forgot to get water at transition.

Mile 4: 8:09.

Mile 5: 8:23.

Mile 6: 8:02. I get through the 2nd loop and do another loop around the picnic area to make it exactly 10k in 52:08.

  Ariel is finished and taking pictures of me and cheering.



I get water, put on shoes and helmet, pull my bike out of the van and take off to Ariel’s cheers.  Now I get to see how Robin’s bike course is.


Out the park, onto Auburn-Folsom, then Joe Rogers and Itchey Acres.  This is pretty cool.  Cavitt Stalman, Lair, Wells, Val Verde and Dick Cook.  This is a great course!  Almost no cars and easy intersections.  A little kicker hill on Dick Cook hits me with Reality… I’m out of shape!  Still, it’s great to be racing.  The downhill is cool and cruising Auburn-Folsom in the aero-bars feels great (I haven’t ridden the tri-bike in a while).

2nd Loop brings with it pains in my knees.  That’s ok, I try putting more pressure on my seat and it helps.  Just have to have good form and ignore the discomfort.. and appreciate being able to do this.  Thank you, Lord, for making me remember my prayer.  This is all for you ultimately!

I’m wondering how Caryn, Suzanne, Robin, Anna and Ariel did.  I’ll be done in 20 min and can’t wait to just relax because this is tough!

Up Twin-Rocks back into the park.  I push hard.  Our times will be sent in, even though there’s no one around me, there might be someone right next to me virtually!  Yay, Robin and Anna are on their bikes at the park entrance.  I fly around the camp loop and now make the final sprint to Granite Beach parking.  Anna and Robin are ahead and I try to catch them.  Down into the parking lot and I’m done!  This felt like the “out-of-shape duathlon” for me but I’m glad I did it and gave God my best effort.

Bike was 1:23:20 (almost 18mph average)


We all had fun and appreicate Mark and Bill for putting this event on.