Monday, July 4, 2016

Crown City 12K–Robin-2016


July 4, 2016 – Coronado, Ca






1st (73 o/a)


Troy Soares (FCA), Anna Soares (FCA), Ariel Soares (FCA), Detrik, Anika, Jan Heidt, Dan Cadriel

This is my sixth year doing this race. Troy has missed the last two years due to broken ribs and work. It's so great to have him back. Grammie and our cousins, Detrik and Anika, have also joined us in this tradition the last few years.

I run into Dan Cadriel, a friend from Arizona and Christian Tri Camp. He's here on vacation with his family. I find out from him that the course is a 12K and not a 15K as it used to be. I'm actually relieved that I'll be running less.

After a prayer with the kids and quick selfie with everyone, Troy and I race over to the start. We have to slowly work our way through the crowd to get in a good starting position. There is dramatic music playing and one of the race officials is giving a goofy dramatic speech..."we don't run just for freedom from tyranny but freedom from exhaustion". I wish I had my camera to record this!

The gun goes off and we run under a huge American flag...awesome! Troy has instructed me after the first mile to not look at my watch in-between the mile markers. I've become so used to constantly looking at my's going to be weird! Since the race is shorter my new goal pace is 7:20.

Out we go, under the bridge and over to the golf course. I see a Victory Velo jersey and immediately know its our teammate, Bill. "Hey, Bill Vaughn, good to see you!". He smiles and tells me he's waiting for his daughter and son-in-law to come through.

Mile 1 is 7:19. Okay, good start. Now I need to feel my way through the next mile. There is a gal just ahead of me that I've been following. She seems to be picking up the pace a bit. I feel okay so I go with her.

Mile 2 is 7:07. Oh wow! I'm surprised! That gal continues to push it so I do too. If I back off now, I might slow down too much.

Mile 3 is 7:26. Glad I didn't slow it down too much! That gal seems to be slowing down so I pick up the pace. We pass the Navy base instead of running into it like in years past...bummer! I like the base! Running down the "strand" is boring...oh well!

I see the fast folks coming back including Troy! We high five each other. I see a pace group coming back. Maybe I can catch them? I see a girl with an American flag shirt heading back. I'll start with catching her. I make the turn as well and start the chase.

Mile 4 is 7:01. It has been quite a while since I've run close to sub 7 minute pace. Thank you Jesus! I've been doing yoga everyday since just after the SD Marathon and it's helping.  My hamstrings still hurt but my mobility has improved greatly. I actually am enjoying running again!

I seem to be getting closer to that gal. I catch another girl along the way and a few guys.

Mile 5 is 7:18. I'll take it! I'm back to the far edge of the golf course. This is much prettier to look at! A Forward Motion guy goes past and I cheer him on. Another local from my neck of the woods. I cannot catch that gal but I'm not giving up hope! I reach the 5K turnaround and have to start dodging walkers. It's not too hard and actually a nice distraction.

Mile 6 is 7:02. Getting tired but still trying! That gal continues to elude me. As I try to push, she is pushing just as much. I can see the bridge is ahead. Let's make a move at the bridge!

Wondering how the girls, cousins and Grammie are doing. Maybe Troy caught some of them on the way back?

160704_crowncity_15k_robin_finishingMile 7 is 7:03. So pleased to see another fast mile! I'm moving good but cannot catch that gal. Is she in my age group? It doesn't really matter what the result is as long as I'm doing my best. This race is going great and is a gift from God!

Under the bridge and to the finish. Dig deep! I round the last corner and there's Troy, Papa, Aunt Kristin and the kids cheering. Go! I push hard to the end. I get passed by a young girl and I smile thinking of Anna sprinting pass me. Thanks God for a great race!