Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tri For Kids #3–Anna & Ariel 2016


7/24/16, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.


Swim 50meters – Bike 4m – Run 1m


  • Anna 23:25 PR! -Last year 28:32
  • Ariel 32:47 PR! – Last year 34:33


Anna – 1st – Age 10 Girls

Ariel – 1st  – Age 7 Girls




Swim: I got ready for the race. Then I went into the lake and warmed up. Then they said “Swimmers, take your mark, go!” We swam to the buoy. The water is cold. I make it to the WP_20160724_07_35_38_Proshore and I come out of the water and run up to transition. I see mom and Dad along the way.

Bike: I get on my helmet, bike shorts and shoes. I grab my bike and start running out of transition. Then I go out and I see my mom again cheering. I pass 3 kids and one kid passes me. Then I go out past the entry gate. There’s Anna. She tells me “goWP_20160724_07_57_10_Pro in a bigger gear”. I get to the turnaround and start heading back. I pass the gate again. I come back into transition.

WP_20160724_07_58_56_ProRun: I take off my helmet and I take a sip of my sports drink. I head out. I see an aid station and got a drink of water. Ryder Cardenas is right in front of me. I catch up to him and pass him.

I realize that I accidentally forgot to put on my race number. I feel WP_20160724_08_05_19_Prokind of embarrassed because everyone around me has their number on. Then I see the turnaround. I make it there and I head back. I see Anna and Mommy. I tell them about my number. Mommy it’s okay and to finish. I run as fast as I can to the finish. I see Anna running with my number. I finish! I feel good. Later I find out WP_20160724_08_59_49_Prothat I got first in my age group.









WP_20160724_07_35_15_ProSwim: 3.2.1 GO! We were off. I stared swimming but it felt like I was going slow. I kept on swimming and I finally made it to the buoy. I went around it and started running up on shore. I ran fast all the way up to transition. WP_20160724_07_49_45_Pro



Bike: I got on my shoes, helmet, and race belt. I got my bike off the bike rack and I was off. I peddled hard and I caught some people but some people caught me. We biked across a bridge and then it was downhill all the way down to the turn around. When I turn around I start biking up the hill. On the way up I see Ariel! I tell her to get in a hard gear because she was going downhill. I finally made it to the bridge which I crossed. I kept biking and I see transition.

WP_20160724_07_51_13_ProRun: I get off my bike and take of my helmet and put on my hat and start running. I get on a dirt path and run straight. Then I go down a small hill then up a big hill. At the top of the hill I turned around and went down a big hill and up a small hill. I kept running and I see the WP_20160724_09_07_37_Profinish line. I sprint in and finish. Thank You god!