Monday, July 4, 2016

Crown City Classic 12k (Troy)


July 4, 2016 – Coronado, Ca






3rd (27 Overall)


Robin Soares (FCA), Anna Soares (FCA), Ariel Soares (FCA), Detrik, Anika, Jan Heidt, Dan Cadriel

It’s tradition to visit Robin’s family for the 4th of July and to do this race.  I couldn’t come the last 2 years so it’s good to be a part of the action again.  Our family and the cousins and even Grandma does the race (5k or 12k).

I haven’t been running much so again I’m not expecting anything dramatic but I do want Robin to have a motivating race as a prep for her Ironman coming up.  It’s crowded on Coronado Island.  I part the car 1-1/2 miles away and run back to the start where Robin has already registered us all.  I’m nicely warmed up and do some stretching.  Our friend Dan Cadriel is here.

We sing the National Anthem, then pray together with the girls, and then Robin and I line up for the 12k, which we thought was a 15k.  Glad to run a little less than we expected.  After a terrific pre-race speech by the director, we’re off!

First we run under the shade of a giant American flag held by volunteers.  Then along the water and along the golf course.  Robin is doing 7:20 pace.  I pull ahead and see that I’m doing 6:40 which is about what I did in recent triathlons.  It feels good.  Thanks, God.

I see a Victory Velo jersey and it’s our friend Bill from Auburn!  Up ahead I see Dan Cadriel.  I wonder if I can catch him. 

Mile 1: 6:51. At 1-1/2 miles I feel really good and pick up the pace a little. 

Mile 2: 6:34. Dan continues to pull ahead.  He’s way up there but since he’s not wearing a shirt I can still pick him out.  There are also a couple women just ahead I can try to catch.  It’s flat streets.  Weather is beautiful. 

Mile 3: 6:38. We pass the Navy base.  Always looked forward to running in the base and seeing our military personnel and being able to thank them.  But this year the course keeps going straight.  I feel like I’m gradually picking it up but still haven’t caught the 2 women.  I wonder where the turn-around is.  I can’t do the 12k-to-miles math in my head so don’t know the distance to the turn.  Finally I see them coming back.  I’m 20 yds back.  Beyond the women is a man carrying a giant American flag. 

Mile 4: 6:31. With great effort I pass the women.  I’m trying to run smooth and efficient.  Everything is working fine, just feeling really tired now.  Only 2 miles to go, I can do it!

Impressed with the guy carrying the flag at this pace.  Althought looks like he’s getting tired and the flag is getting close to touching the ground.  But he constantly raises it high again, waving it to the spectators. 

Mile 5: 6:35. I’m pushing hard so I can catch him and encourage him in the last mile.

Finally I catch him and compliment him for running so fast with a big flag.  The 3 guys around him explain however that they are sharing the work.  I encourage him nonetheless and press on myself for the last mile.

Mile 6: 6:36. I’m not expecting to be in the placing but I know I always have to push the last mile, always give a great effort.  It is a race afterall.  I negotiate the 5k walkers/runners along the path to the bridge under-crossing.

IMG_0825Mile 7: 6:29. Coming around the file corner I see Anna & Ariel cheering!  Such a boost.  And then their cousins, too.  I finish after a great effort and thank God for blessing me with good races and the ability to run and exercise.  And I actually get 3rd in my age!  What a bonus.

Robin finishes 5 min behind me and even wins her age group.  But the best thing was that her run felt good and was a big boost for Ironman.  Thank you, Lord.