Monday, July 4, 2016

Crown City 5K–Anna & Ariel - 2016


July 4, 2016 – Coronado, Ca




Anna 26:00 PR!

Ariel 33:45 PR!


Anna 4th (60 Total), 1- 14 Girls

Ariel 28th (60 Total), 1- 14 Girls


Robin Soares (FCA), Troy Soares (FCA); Detrik, Anika, Jan Heidt, Dan Cadriel

Anna’s Story – Crown City

Detrik and I start lining up. We try to get as close as we can to the front. Finally they count down and we are off! We are running under this humongous American flag. I jump up to touch it. We kept running unto a little sidewalk. We go under a big bridge and then onto a bike path.

Detrik and I pass each other back and forth. We kept running until we come to the end of the bike path onto a road next to a golf course. After a while we see a sign that says 1 Mile and has an aid station.

Mile 1: 8:10.  We grab water and keep running. I throw my cup on the ground.

160704_crowncity_5k_detrik_anna_finishingWe keep running until we finally get to the turn-around. I’m feeling good. We turn around and on the way back we see Anika and Ariel. I thought that the aid station was closer but it isn’t. We finally make it and we walk through and get our drinks. We start running again.

Mile 2: 8:10. Soon we are running on a path that seems lower than the bike path we ran out on. We keep running and go under 160704_crowncity_5k_detrik_anna_postracethe bridge. We are back on the sidewalk and we are almost done! Detrik starts complaining that he feels like an old man. And he says he has a cramp and that he can barely breath. He stops running and I tell him “come on, you can do it!”.

Mile 3: 8:31. He starts running again. As we turn unto the finish line, we hold hands and finish together! We wait and see everyone else finish.


Ariel’s Story – Crown City

I’m with Anika and Grammie at the starting line. They count down from 10 and say “go”! We run out under a big flag. Anika and I pass Grammie and head out together once under the bridge. I start getting a side cramp. Then we see this family cheering.

We get on the bike path. We see this golf course with people playing on it. Then we got off the bike path and see more people cheering. We get on the road. We keep running and its one mile!

Mile 1: 10:40. We run a little more and we see Anna and Detrik running back. Anna and Detrik cheer us on as they go by.

We see the turnaround point. My cramp is gone now…yeah! We turn around and get to two miles.

160704_crowncity_5k_ariel_finishingMile 2: 10:58.  I feel good. We get on this other road. Then I see this man wearing a Victory Velo jersey. I tell Anika we might know him.

After a little bit we are going under the bridge. I think we are close to the finish. Anika says “let’s try not to stop”.

Mile 3: 11:23. Then I see the finish line! I run as fast as I can and finish. That was a good race!

Later Daddy told me that we did know that Victory Velo guy!