Sunday, June 25, 2017

CA Sprint–Anna - 2017


5/21/17 – Auburn, CA


0.5m S – 9m B – 5km R


1:28:38 (21:26 – 1:11 – 41:02 – 1:31 -  23:27)

LAST YEAR 1:31:01 (24:41 – 1:55 – 35:11 – 1:45 – 27:28)


1st Place, 1-15


Int’l – Clyde Floyd (FCA), Dave Campbell, Dave Leroy, Robin Soares, Steve Chavez

Sprint – Elizabeth Katsura

I almost miss the swim but swim over just in time. It is crowed. People are touching my feet or cutting in front of me. The seaweed scares me (I don’t like seaweed). I get around the first buoy and keep swimming. The group behind me catches up and one guy cuts in front of me. I stop to let him pass. When I get around the last buoy, I can see the swim finish. When I get close to shore, I start to see seaweed again.

When I get to shore, I pull down my wetsuit. As I am getting it off my left foot, a girl said hold on and she grabbed my wetsuit and ran. I tried to hold on the ground as it came off my foot. Wow, that helps! I run to transition get my bike and I’m off.

1706025_catri_sprint_anna_bikeI bike up the steep hill to the road. When I get on the road, my shifting is not working right. As I pedal, it’s making a loud noise. I have to bike slow because it’s hard to pedal. I try to sing worships songs that go with the beat of the loud, crazy noise.

I get around the first turn and I’m starting to feel cold. I keep biking shivering and going slow. I am praying for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. When I got around the 2nd turn, the sun starts coming out! Thank you Lord!

I keep biking and I’m kind of getting warm. I am cold and holding on tight to my handle bars. I see a hill ahead. As I start biking up it, my bike makes a super weird sound! I decide to stop halfway up and walk the rest of the way to the top. There is a long downhill and I coast all the way down.

At the bottom of the hill I turn, bike a bit and turn again. I’m on the road heading towards transition. I see runners running on the sidewalk. I see a girl about my age running there. I think “maybe I can catch her” (little did I know that she was the first girl in my age group!).

1706025_catri_sprint_anna_runI get to transition, I park my bike and I run out. My legs feel nice and loose thanks to God! I start running and feel great! I run by people and say “good job”. I get to an out and back and see the girl I wanted to catch running back!  I keep running towards the turn-around and I see Elizabeth from the track. 

Finally I get to the turn-around and I try to run fast to catch the girl and Elizabeth.  I know if I can catch Elizabeth, I can catch the girl.  I run through some trees and down-hill and up-hill.  Finally I see Elizabeth up ahead and I catch up to her.  I say good job as I pass.  I keep running and looking for the girl.  As I go around a corner, I see the girl walking.  I run by her and say good job.  I run into a parking lot  and onto the sidewalk.  I run into the finish chute.  Halfway througth I point up to God and keep it through the finish line.  Boy was I thankful!  The Lord really helped me go fast even though the bike was slow and cold.