Saturday, April 21, 2018

Anna–CEM Rescue Run 5K, 2018


April 21, 2018 – Grass Valley, CA




Anna 25:45 (PR 24:12, 2017)


1st Place Overall


Ariel, Robin & Troy Soares, Elizabeth Katsura, Lauren Langhofer


I am feeling good about the race and hoping to beat or finish with my dad this time. I know God is also with me.

At the start I feel like I am going a good pace through the trees. We get to a steep part and I try to relax up it. I make it to the top and start cruising up the canal. I hear my dad behind me.  I run past an aid station and keep going. I get to a turn and start to run uphill. I feel okay and then Satan tries to overwhelm me and I start to think that I can’t make it. As soon as my dad gets to me, not only am I overwhelmed but also a huge painful cramp kicks in. I stop and say it was hard to breathe. I think I exaggerated a little bit since I am overwhelmed.  My dad encourages me but it hurts bad.

My dad keeps running and then my Mom comes. She gets me going even though it hurts. I get water at the aid station and keep going. My Mom keeps encouraging me and pushes me. I start to go down hill and my Mom tells me to finish strong and to run fast. I start to run faster. I then get to the straight away and I hear my Mom yelling for me to sprint so I start to sprint. I look behind me and there is a man sprinting to catch me. I sprint in fast and it’s close. I beat him by a hair thanks to God. A nice guy helped me get water since I still felt my cramp and it was still a little painful. I wish though I had given it to God when it hurt and stayed with my dad and not complained. It was a test for later though. I could have not finished without God. It was a lesson and a test for me. I‘ll do better next time.