Saturday, April 21, 2018

CEM Rescue Run 5K– Robin - 2018

April 21, 2018 – Grass Valley, CA
25:57 (PR 23:59, 2016)

1st Place, 40-49
Anna, Ariel & Troy Soares, Elizabeth Katsura, Lauren Langhofer

Always fun coming to the CEM (Christian Encounter MInistry) Campus for this great fundraiser!  Anna and Ariel are amped to go for it today!  My race is uncertain since I’ve been dealing with a strained arch.  I’m not even sure I’ll be able to finish it.  I might have to drop out if it flares up like it did 2 weeks ago.  I was limping then.  If I can run it all, the best case scenerio is to do a sub-8 pace.  Last year was 7:51 pace.  The whole family prays for me.  And we lift up Troy’s achilles issue as well.

Very few races start off with a prayer and this one does!  Director Charlie Cazin reminds us that we are helping to rescue teens from ruin.  CEM disciples and educates troubled youth…and lives are committed to Christ and live are truly saved!

Ready, set, go!  Anna and Troy take off.  The arch is sore but ok.  The first 2 miles are majority of climbing and that can really aggravate the arch. 

I’m running next to some young boys.  They crack me up because everytime I try to pass, they pick it up and sprint ahead. 

Mile 1 is 8:43.  I make it up to the canal and the arch is not getting worse!  To get the sub-8 min, I pick it up.  I’m making great progress!  Thank you God!!

I’m sure Anna and Troy are battling it out far ahead.  I look on the road above to see if I can see them…no go.

I get to the turn to the upper road and start looking for the Happy Face.  The Happy Face means there are no more hills! It’s a bit further.  My pace is looking great!  I hear a guy sigh and I remind him that the happy face is coming.

Mile 2 is 7:32.  Great pace!  I come around a corner and see Anna walking.  I’m confused and ask her what’s wrong.  She’s got a cramp.  I slow down and encourage her to start running.  For the next few minutes she struggles to keep going but keeps trying.  Pretty soon, she’s running again though with pain.  I just keep talking to her and reminding her to look to God. Little by little, we are getting faster.  My arch continues to hang in there!

We make it to the downhill portion.  I remind her that it’s all down and to let gravity help her…and to just go for it.  She pulls away and picks up speed.

I can hear a runner behind me as I turn down the trail to the finish.  I try to hustle to stay ahead but he gets me.  I call out to Anna to sprint.  He’s right on her tail as she takes off. It is so close!  I’m impressed that this 50 something guy is so strong.  Anna is just a little bit stronger and pulls off the win somehow.  Thank you Lord!  What a great race!  I didn’t get my time goal but I got to help Anna and didn’t have to stop or drop out!