Saturday, April 21, 2018

CEM Rescue Run 5K–Ariel - 2018

April 21, 2018 – Grass Valley, CA
Ariel 31:47 PR!  (Previous PR 38:29, 2015)
Anna: 1st Female & First Place 10-15yrs
Ariel: 1st Place, 0-9yrs
Anna, Robin & Troy Soares, Elizabeth Katsura, Lauren Langhofer

I'm at the start. I'm next to dad. Charlie says ready set go and I start running. Daddy is still next to me. I stay with Daddy. We turn around a cone and go uphill. I pass a bridge and then go straight.

I hear, "Ariel you're going the wrong way. You had to make a sharp left" I turn around and run across the bridge. I go around the lake over a beach up the hill on to the canal.

I look around and see Elizabeth running behind me. I slow down a little because I know she has a good pace.

She catches up to me. I start running behind her. We talk a little. After a turn I see an aid station. I know that means we are close to the turnaround. After we turn we go up a slight hill. I say I think the smiley face is coming up. We keep running. She says I hope the smiley face is coming soon. We see it and say, "Yay!" as we go down the hill. Down down down we go. At the rock stairs before the finish Elizabeth says, " go ahead". I see Daddy cheering for me. Then Mommy. Then Anna. Then I sprint into the finish line!