Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mighty Dog 5K - Anna


3/8/18 –

Granite Beach, Granite Bay, CA






1st, 5K Large Dogs


Manouch Shirvanioun

Oscar was doing great it seemed like with all the dogs, so I wasn’t worried about my race. I started to get more and more excited as the timer counted down. When the race director said go, I started running. But Oscar had a better idea of what pace he wanted to go. I tried to get Oscar to heal but he would not listen. I stopped to get him to know that I was the boss but it didn’t work. I kept stoping and trying to pull Oscar back.

Once I got to the first mile, dad told me to not stop but try to put my hand in front of Oscar. I tried what he said but Oscar still didn’t listen. Usually Oscar would heel to me, it was like he knew it was a race and he had to get to the front. I tried to trust God and not cry but it was hard.

According to the dog whisper, you shouldn’t have your dog in front because then the dog thinks he’s the leader not you. So it was hard when Oscar didn’t heal and just pulled me the whole way. We started to head back to the finish and I tripped and fell and dropped the leash. Oscar didn’t care he just kept running the race without me. Luckily there was a person in front of me who grabbed Oscar for me. I thanked him and kept running with Oscar pulling me.

I came though into the opening and felt miserable. Mom was cheering me on but it was hard. I turned around the corner and saw the finish, Dad and Ariel. I smiled and finished for God. I love Oscar even though it was not fun when he pulled me. It was our first dog race together but it won’t be our last. Thanks to God I got first in my age group. Could have been worse.