Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Crown City Classic 12K–Troy-2018


July 4, 2018 – Coronado, Ca


12km (actually 6.9mi)






5K: Anna & Ariel Soares;  Cousins & Jan Heidt;

12K: Dan Cadriel, Troy Soares, Sierra Snyder

This race is a tradition since 2011. The 4 of us, plus the Heidt family – Robin’s mom, nephew & niece, meet at Coronado Island each 4th of July.

The start is in a beautiful park. Always great weather. Robin, Anna, Ariel & I do some warm-ups, strides and stretching.

My concern is my right heel and hamstring. It’s been bothering me.  We all gather and pray. I know each race for me is much more than a personal hobby or goal, rather it’s a chance to test my faith and a chance to be an example for others.  If it was about what I wanted – I would want to sleep-in and catch up on rest that I need.  But God always uses each race and He’ll use this one somehow and it will be a blessing.

We see our FCA friend, Dan Cadriel, a regular here, and also, Sierra Snyder, who we haven’t seen for a long time.  Great to catch up.

Robin & I, next to each other, look to the flag for the National Anthem.  Then a patriotic speech by the director.  And then we’re off!  Under the flag and out of the park.


My goal pace is set for 7:00.  Heading out of the park surprisingly I’m already behind.  I feel like I’m going fast.  i patiently wait for the mile marker as we go along the beautiful golf course.  It’s a perfectly flat and fast course.

Mile 1: 7:30.  Yep, I’m behind. Maybe my legs are tight, or fatigued. But the real goal is always to do my best and I’m happy I’m doing that.

Mile 2: 7:19. Our friend, Sierra was just ahead but now she’s about a minute and gaining.  I hope she does well.  We go along the Navy Base and I think of our hard-working military.

Mile 3: 7:16. Almost to the 1/2 way!  I pass our friend, Dan. We both comment about how this gets harder each year. I see the leaders going back.  I see Sierra and cheer for her.  I’m trying to have good form & efficiency.  Heel is tender.  I make the turn and am glad to head back.  I’m so happy when I see Robin and tell her “God is with you”.

Mile 4: 7:18. I’m tired and can’t wait to be done but I know this is where it counts & I pray for strength and know God is with me.

Mile 5: 7:15.  Ok, the pace has steadily improved which is great even though it is 15 secs off the goal pace.  Just 2 miles.  Pick it up.  There’s a runner ahead I’ve been focusing on. I finally pass and encourage them.  In a big race there’s always someone ahead to aim for.

Mile 6: 7:12. Along the golf course.  Mile and a half to go.  Legs are hurting.  I have to focus on my steps so I don’t make any sudden moves.. could easily strain something.  I pick it up along the bike path.  Just got to give it all I’ve got..

Mile 7: ??  Under the bridge, into the park.  People are BBQ’ing but I just want to finish.


Thank you, Lord, for strength and allowing the heel to hold up.  I see Anna & Ariel, and then their cousins!  The final run across the grass is tough.. but I’m done!  49:37. 5th place.  We all reunite and then go watch Robin finish and then her mom, too.

It’s good to see everyone in our family congratulating each other and happy about pushing themselves.  I hope we can be an encouragement for working hard, not for rewards, but just to show God we’re willing to.  He’ll give us the best reward yet... Joy.

After the race I discovered my Garmin wasn’t set right and I actually was running my goal pace, even under it.  A 6:40 average.  An added bonus to an already great day.