Sunday, December 2, 2018

Anna’s CIM Relay, 1st Leg


December 2, 2018 - Sacramento, Ca


7.3 mi (Leg #1 of the 26.2 mi Marathon Relay. CIM relay races started in 1995)


3:06:33 (4 person relay)


1st out of 12 Coed High School

Relay Teammates:

Enzo Gallo, Leah Booth & Hunter Glass

Other Teammates:


*FCA Endurance: Troy Soares & Isaac Josifek; Dana Haldeman; Janell Peterson; Catch Us If You Can: Robin Soares, Liesbeth Brower, Leonie Alesci, Megan Sebra

Track/Local Friends

*Pacers: Jim Kepfer, Lee McKinley, Melissa Johnson, Michael Cook, Austin & Tim Twietmeyer

*Racers: Carrie & Steve Chavez, Helen Martin, Genna Scott, Karen Nickel,  Liz Schultz, Martin Sengo, Melissa Penwell,  Tia Walther

At the start of the CIM I am so excited. They are so many people there.


I am by the 3:10 hour group. I hear the gun go off but we don’t move. About a minute and a half later we start to walk towards the start. I am with my parents as we start to jog. As we run over the mat, I hit my Garmin. I am so excited I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. My dad is running with me. I look behind me and blow my mom a kiss as we run off. All I can see ahead of me is people running. Running with my dad is fun. We are trying to keep a 7:10 minute pace.

Up ahead I see people turning. My dad tells me to move over. We slowly start to move over for the turn coming up. I feel great. There are people cheering us on less then a mile away from the start. We make the turn and keep running. There are a lot of rolling hills. I see the sign that says 1 mile. I am surprised we have gone that far already. I am feeling good. I see someone behind me wearing shiny gold coloring pants. They are almost like plastic and make a lot of noise when he runs.

My dad and I are on pace. I really enjoy running with my Dad. After a while I realize that we are behind our pace by 12 seconds. I’m thinking that we will not be able to catch up, but my Dad says we will try to make up time on the next downhill. He is right. After a while, we make up time and are back on pace.

I keep running and see an aid station ahead. I tell my Dad that I’m not thirsty, but he tells me get some water anyway. I grab some water a keep running. After about a half a mile, I start to have a cramp. I use Dad’s tip to fix my cramp without stopping.

After running for a while, we see the 3:10 pacer up ahead. There is a huge group with the pacer. We catch up to the group and run with them. It is so cool. There are so many people that it sounds like thunder. After running with the group for a while, I see an aid station up ahead. I grab water and have a little bit of it. I am kind of getting tired but my legs feel fine. We are at about mile 5. I know I am almost done.


We pull away from the 3:10 group and run ahead of them. My dad says, “Don’t look back now, but we are being chased by the 3:10 group.” I laugh in my head. I can see a turn up ahead and remember I have a 1 mile left to the finish.

As I am running towards the turn, I hear a trumpet. I look around a see a little boy playing one note on a trumpet. It is funny. We get to the turn. I see a drum band playing as we go by. I try to speed up but my legs and feet have started to hurt. I see a girl run past me and I run to catch up to her. I say hi. She asks if I was from California and I said yes. She said she was from Alaska. We grab some water at an aid station and keep running. She runs ahead but I don’t mind. God has given me a great race. I am on my time. I hear a volunteer calling out relays on the right and marathoners on the left. I run to the right towards the exchange. Enzo is there right on time and takes my chip and runs off.


The relay went really well. Enzo, Leah, and Hunter ran a great race. We got a time of 3:06:00. Praise the Lord, His Love Endures Forever.