Saturday, December 8, 2018

Ariel–Davis (Postponed) Turkey Trot 5K, 2018


December 8, 2018 – Davis, CA


5km Run


27:34 PR!


3rd out of 12 (10-11yrs Girls)


5K: Robin Soares
10K: Anna & Troy Soares


10, 9, …, 3, 2, 1, Go!! I start running. As I cross the starting point, I feel like my Santa headband is falling off. I try to rearrange it but it keeps falling off. I take it off and carry it while I run. “Oh no!” I think “I didn’t start my Garmin,” I turn on my Garmin. 

imageThere are 2 girls in very Christmassy outfits. I keep trying to stay behind someone but if I am not paying attention enough, I lose them. So, I think in my head “did I pass her or is she way ahead?” “Did I pass him or is he way ahead of me?” A guy with a nice-looking suit with Christmas lights patterns is ahead of me. I keep running straight and then go over a bridge. I remember that Dad told me that there was going to be an aid station so I was wondering when and where it’s going to be.

When I get off the bridge, I see an aid station. There is one thing different about this aid station, there is nobody at the aid station and all the cups are still in their bags. It looks like the race is later in the day. I am surprised that nobody is there and also because I thought that there was going to be an aid station around now.

Then we run by a little park. I keep looking at my watch to see if I was ahead of time. One time, I am behind so I speed up. I look at my Garmin and think it is right. It says I am at 2.4 miles. I look up and see the finish line then I remember I started my Garmin late. I start running faster and I am looking for mom. She said she would run back to see me when she finished. I see mom and she says to sprint because someone is behind me. Without looking back, I sprint to the finish line. I got 3rd and my time was 27:34.64.