Sunday, December 2, 2018

CIM Relay, 2-man Team FCA Endurance, Troy


12/2/18, Folsom to Sacramento


13.5 mi (Leg #1 & 2)




1st in the 2-man fitness club division

Relay Teammate:

Isaac Josifek

Other Teammates:


*Catch Us If You Can: Robin Soares & her college roommates

Track/Local Friends

*Pacers: Jim Kepfer, Lee McKinley, Melissa Johnson, Michael Cook, Austin & Tim Twietmeyer

*Racers: Carrie & Steve Chavez, Helen Martin, Genna Scott, Karen Nickel,  Liz Schultz, Martin Sengo, Melissa Penwell,  Tia Walther

This has been a great tradition, making a team and running the CIM Relay!

An FCA Endurance running friend from church, Isaac Josifek, has joined me this year as 2-man team.  We both didn’t train as much as we wanted but I know it’ll still be a great time.  I have more confidence in Isaac than myself but I know I’ll have a ton of motivation because I get to start with Robin and Anna.

Yes, this is a really cool deal.. the first time ever, 3 of us will be lined up at a major running start!  Robin, running with her 4-woman realy team which has a 20 year streak so far!  Anna, fullfilling her dream and running with a 4-cross-country-runner team from E.V. Cain Middle School!  And me on the FCA Endurance Team.

Robin drives us, and 3 marathon friends, to near the start.


We run through the dark to the staging area and see the never-ending line of porta-potties! 


This is the largest running field they’ve ever had.  After dropping off our warm-up gear (the weather is a little chilly but perfect for running) we go to our corral.


After a beautiful trumpet rendition of the National Anthem, we look at each other with total excitement.  Anna is full of energy and loving this opportunity.  We stop and pray, knowing that none of this is possible or fullfilling without the Lord.  We all have so many wonderful memories of God guiding us through big events in ways that make them precious memories.


The race starts!  And 1-1/2 minutes later we cross the starting line.   We’re in the 3:15 wave and yet a whole sea of runners is already ahead of us.

Anna and I pull ahead and lovingly say goodbye to Robin.  My plan was 7:15 pace but I go 7:10 to keep up with Anna.

My rt achilles was really sore warming up.  It’s getting better now. 

Mile 1. 7:13. We start up the first hill.  Anna says her knee is hurting a little.

Mile 2. 7:24.  Thankfully Anna says her knee is feeling better.

Mile 3. 6:50. Anna says we’re behind pace by 12 secs so I tell her we’ll make up time on some downhills.

Mile 4. 7:05.  We’re back on pace and running with the 3:10 pack now.

Mile 5. 7:13. We start pulling away from the 3:10 pack.  Anna & I are running well, side-by-side, proud Dad moment.


Mile 6. 7:07. I tell Anna, “In only 10 min you’ll be handing off to Enzo (her teammate)”.  Anna starts to pull away from me.  But this is going to work out great. A straight-shot ahead I can see the transition area.

Mile 7. 7:01. Anna’s way up ahead.  I can see her pull into transition, running past a hundred onlooking relay runners before I see Enzo pop out and exchange the chip.  I’m running by as they exchange which gives me a great photo op.


  I pull ahead but Enzo comes flying out of the exchange and meets right up with me!  This is too cool that now I get to keep running with Anna’s team.  Enzo’s a great kid, very respectful and a gutzy runner. 

Mile 8. 6:58. My run is getting harder now, but I’m just excited to help Enzo and his team.  I try to sense what pace is good for him.  He was planning 7:15, but he seems capable of 7:10.  We talk about the pace we want for the next mile.

Mile 9. 7:19. I call out our splits each mile and then we adjust.

Mile 10. 6:56.  After going through my favorite part, the small town with the High School Band playing, I know I’m not going to be able to keep up with Enzo.  He pulls ahead and I’m feeling my legs tighten up.  I went too fast.  I think about how disasterous this would be if I was doing the marathon.  Fortunately, I only have 3 miles and, Lord willing, will be just fine.

Mile 11. 7:11. A long straight stretch to go.  Sometimes I get a glimpse of Enzo’s red shirt far ahead.  I’m glad he’s doing so well.  I have to make sure I don’t break down for the sake of my team.  I try to run smart and use muscles that aren’t hurting as much.

Mile 12. 7:26. My pace has dropped.  Slowly but surely I’m getting there.  I’ve taken off my beenie, gloves, and arm warmers.  I’m pretty warm.

Mile 13. 7:21. There’s the big “1/2-way” arch!  It’s great to see but I’m surprised how far the exchange still is.  I always forget the extra 1/2 mile.  Finally, I see the exchange.  I wanted to take a video of our exchange but I’m so tired I don’t chance it.  I need to make sure I hand Isaac my bib and get information where the car is.  Where is he?  There he is!  With a smile he takes the chip and bib and points to where his stuff is and he’s off. 

Mile 13.4. 7:26 pace. Finished in 1:39:55, 7:24 ave.  Wow, so glad to be done!  Thank you, Lord, for keeping my legs together, especially my achilles which didn’t hurt much. 

Isaac ran a great race and finished us in 3:11:34!  We ended up 1st in the male 2-man fitness club division.