Thursday, July 4, 2019

Crown City 5K-Anna-2019

/Location: July 4, 2019 – Coronado, Ca (Racing here since 2014)
Distances: 5km
Time: 19:40 PR! (Previous PR 20:24, 2018)
Place: 2nd (72 Total), 1- 14 Girls
Others: 5K: Ariel Soares, Jan “Grammie” Heidt;
12K: Robin  & Troy Soares

Coronado 5k

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start to run. I run under the American flag and reach up and touch it. I start running at a 6:35-minute pace. I feel good and confident. I run onto a sidewalk and start passing people. There is a 21-minute pacer behind me. I want to get 20 minutes so I make sure to stay ahead of the pacer. The sidewalk goes along the beach and then under a bridge.

After the bridge, we run on a bike path alongside a golf course. I see a young girl up ahead. I try to slowly catch up to her. At the end of the bike path, I catch up to her. I then turn onto a road and keep running.

I see two girls about my age ahead of me. I slowly gain on one of them. I go by the 1st-mile marker sign and have 2 miles left. I see an aid station up ahead. I pass the girl at the aid station and grab water. The other girl is still pretty far ahead but I keep a steady pace and try to gain.

SportsPhotos_DSC_2810After a while the turn around comes in view. I see people running back and one is a girl who is about my age. But right now I am focusing on catching the other girl. I get to the turnaround and go around. I gain and finally pass the girl in front of me. I know she is close but I don’t think she will stay with me. I only have that older girl in front of me.

I keep running and then see Mom. She gives me encouragement and I kept running. My mom and Dad are doing the 12k so they are going a slower pace. I then see Ariel and Dad running together. Dad told me I was in 2nd. I keep running and see the aid station. I grab water again and continue running. I pass the 2-mile marker and am getting closer. As I am running, people cheer me on. One person tells me I am in 4th overall. I can see the girl in front of me. She is running strong and I don’t think I can catch her but I am going to keep running fast.

I see the bike path up ahead where we turn. I keep running. I know I’m under my pace and I give thanks to God. We run on the road a little longer until we turn on the bike path. It starts to get hard but I keep up the pace. I run on the bike path until I get under the bridge. I run under the bridge and onto the sidewalk. I can see the finish line and the girl ahead. I know I can’t catch her but I give a good effort. I run by people and turn onto the grass. I run hard in and point to God. I am thankful for Him giving me a good race. I see the girl who was ahead on me and tell her, good job and that I couldn’t catch her. I got 19:40 for my time, and my pace was 6:20. I got 2nd in my age group and 4th overall. Thanks to God I had an amazing race.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, Is Love Endures Forever!