Thursday, July 4, 2019

Crown City 5K-Ariel-2019

Date/Location: July 4, 2019 – Coronado, Ca (Racing here since 2015)
Distances: 5 km
Time: 24: 42, PR! (Previous PR 29:09-2018)
Place: 9th (72 Total), 1- 14 Girls
Others: 5K: Anna Soares, Jan “Grammie” Heidt;
12K: Robin  & Troy Soares

My Race Story

Written by, Ariel Soares

SportsPhotos_MAM16570This is a girl’s race story about finishing the Crown City Classic 5k. Age 10.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start to run. Mommy holds my hand as we run under the American flag. Mommy was doing the 12k and I am doing the 5k. They combined races. We got stuck in the 2nd wave. If I finish right behind someone who started in the first wave, which means I would have been ahead of them with my time.

We start to run on a sidewalk. I can see Daddy way ahead of me. I stay with Mommy. We run under a bridge onto a gated path. I start to lose Mommy but try to catch Daddy. So, I run faster and faster and finally I catch up to him. We run together and talk. Daddy is doing the 12k. We come to an aid station. I get a drink of water. I see the mile sign. We keep running.

I see Anna running towards us. We cheer her on. We keep running. We can see the 5k turnaround. I see this girl go past holding a 25 min 5k sign. I tell Dad "that looks good." I get to the turnaround. I go around it. Daddy keeps going because he's in the 12k. I start to run faster because I want to catch up to the 25min girl. I try to keep her insight. I see the aid station. I get water and keep running.

I can see the 2nd mile sign. I keep running and running. Finally, I can see the path. I know there is not far to go. I see Grammie. I wave. I keep running on the gated path. I can see the bridge that I ran under earlier. I go under it. Finally, I catch up to the girl holding the 25-minute 5k sign and I stay with her. I see the finish line I start to sprint. I pass the girl and sprint into the finish line. Thank you, God!