Saturday, July 13, 2019

June Lake Kid’s Triathlon-Ariel-2019

7/13/19, June Lake, CA
100m S – 2mi B – 1mi R

20:17 (3:45 – 1:48 – 7:37 – :30 – 6:35)


2nd Female, 1st Femaile in Category


OLY – FCA: Anna Soares, Robin Soares; Sharley Simpson

KIDS RACE – FCA: Ariel Soares

LONG COURSE – FCA: Troy Soares


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start swimming.  I am one of the only ones wearing a wetsuit. I go as fast as I can trying to get in front of the pack. I go around and orange buoy and start heading back. I'm in second place right now. Right behind the first boy. I swim in between the two orange buoys I started at. Then I swim until I touch the ground. I start running in the water. I run on the sand and back into the water to the place where I put mom’s flip-flops she let me borrow. As I take off my wetsuit, kids in my race pass me. I get on the flip flops and run into transition.



I get my shoes on and my helmet on and bike out onto the bike course it’s kind of hard to follow the race course. I keep passing people. I go around a turn around. I pass the transition and go up a hill. I bike faster and faster. I see a turnaround up ahead. I bike around the turnaround and start biking fast again. I can see the people ahead of me and the first-place girl. I bike as fast as I can. I know that transition is close so I bike faster. I see transition so I slow down and I get off of my bike and run with my bike to my transition spot.



I take off my helmet and start on the run. I go down some dirt steps with a bunch of rocks. I almost fall. And then I’m on a trail. I can see the first-place girl ahead of me. I run faster through a trail with plants on both sides. I can see the aid station far ahead of me.

There is a boy ahead of me. It looks like he has a cast on his hand. I can also see him holding his side. Looks like he has a cramp. When I get closer, I can hear him crying. As I pass him, I tell him to take slow breaths. I get to the aid station and get some water. I start heading up a very steep hill. I can see the girl walking at the top. I start running faster until I get close to her. I think she heard me coming because she turns and looks at me and starts running. I go around the turn around. I start getting closer and closer. We start going back down the steep hill. The girl starts to slow down on the hill, so I pass her. I go as fast as I can down the hill. I go back to the trail and now I can see the Finish. I hear someone behind me and I know they're close so I go even faster. I start running to the finish. It is very sandy so I can't go that fast. A boy behind me sprints past me. I sprint as fast as I can into the finish. I am the first girl overall and third overall over everyone.