Sunday, July 14, 2019

TBF Tri For Kids #2-Ariel-2019

7/14/19, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, CA
50m S – 4mi B – 1mi R

23:49 PR! (Previous - 25:12)


2nd Female, 1st Femaile in Category


TeamMates/Friends: Casey & Ruth Boatwright

Written by, Ariel Soares

(This is a girl’s race story about finishing the 2nd Tri for Kids. Age 10.)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start swimming through the water trying to get ahead. I keep trying to swim straight towards the buoy but the sun is in my eyes and it's hard to see. I keep swimming finally I get back on track I go around the buoy and come out of the water. I run as fast as I can to transition.

I put on my and shoes race belt and my helmet and bike out. I start biking out, but then my pedals stop moving. I don't know what's happening but it is not supposed to happen. People are trying to fix my bike. Finally, they fix it, so I jump on my bike and bike as fast as I can.

As I bike I sing a Christian song that keeps playing over and over in my head. I pass some of the kids. I bike down and up and down and up hills. Then I bike over a bunch of speed bumps until I'm on the bridge. I see Ruth. As I pass her I say "good job." I try to keep my pace. I see Shantelle coming back (she's really fast). I pass a lot of people as a go across the bridge. I keep biking. I pass the place that we pay at before we came into the park. I keep biking until I get to the turnaround.


I'm still singing the worship song. I see a boy ahead of me. I try to pass him finally, I pass him. I go pass the paying booth again. I bike to the bridge. I go across the bridge going as fast as I can. I see these little kids, I say "good job." I bike over the speed bumps again and then up and down and up and down the hills. I can see more kids in front of me but I don't know if they are in my age group. I bike to transition.

I take off my helmet and run out onto the run. I can see kids ahead of me. I try to pass them. I see this boy that I remember that my family used to call Lego boy because he used to wear a Lego outfit. I pass him. I get some water and keep running.

I start running down a path. I keep running straight then I turn then I go up and then I can see the turnaround. I go around the turnaround and then head back I see this girl but I'm not sure if she's in my age group or if she's not. I start to run faster. I keep trying to catch her but she's kind of far away from me so it's going to be hard to catch her. I see Ruth going out. I run faster and faster. I quickly go faster and finally, I pass the girl.


I go back onto the grass right past aid station. I sprint into the finish. I was the 2nd girl in my whole race and first in my age group.