Sunday, November 24, 2019

Run For the Mandarins 10K-Anna-2019

11/24/19, Auburn, CA



1st Female Overall, 2nd Overall



10K:  Hunter Glass

5K: Ariel Soares & Ashley Glass

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! I start running downhill towards the exit of the fairgrounds. I am running with a friend, Hunter, for the 10k. At the exit, I turn up the hill. I try to keep a good pace. I am hoping to get an 7:20 or a faster pace. My pace right now is around 7 min. I feel slow, but I know itÅ› just from the excitement from the beginning of the race. At the top of the hill, I see my Dad with Oscar. This morning Oscar had escaped and decided to walk himself. It was good to see that my Dad found him.

I run around Placer and see my Mom. She cheers me on and I keep running. There are about three grown-ups ahead of me. We turn up another hill and I pass a grown-up. I’m in 4th right now with Hunter ahead of me. We get to the bridge and a train comes around the corner. It is cool to run across the bridge when the train is going to go under. I then run through the neighborhoods. I turn left down a road I have never been down before. A band member from school was directing the runners cheered me on. It’s flat but then there is a hill. The hill first looks short, but it ends up being long. We make some detours through the neighborhood. It is cool to be in a new neighborhood. I then run down a hill towards the train tracks. I see an aid station worked by kids at my school. I grab water and start to run towards Railhead.


I pass Hunter at the aid station. I have energy, but I am tired. The arrows on the ground change to green it seems. I run around Railhead and the green chalk says 3 miles. Halfway finally! After running around Railhead, the arrows point  right. I turn right and see the lead biker biking back with the grown-up ahead of me. I thought we were going to do an out and back, but the biker told me to turn around (wrong way). I run back and have lost some time. Hunter has gotten closer to me. I try to regain my distance but it’s hard. We turn up a steep hill and my legs start to hurt. I am content though if Hunter passes me.


At the top of the hill, I turn and see my dad. He cheers me on. I keep running up some hills and I see that the course starts to head back to the finish. It is flat and I see an aid station up ahead. I know the person working there and ask for water. He is trying to fill up water but I pass him before he finishes filling up the cup. I turn on a road and it’s flat. My legs start to feel heavier. I run down a steep hill and my legs hurt but at least I’m not using much energy.


I turn and start to run around Railhead again. All I have to do is run around Railhead, into the fairgrounds and I’m done. My legs get heavier as I run. I start going uphill and I use the momentum of the downhill to get me up. At the top of the hill, it’s hard to move my legs. I use the downhill to regain my strength. There are two hills to go. On the next hill, my legs are getting harder to move. My goal is not to walk and run the whole way. I finally get to the top and coast down. At the bottom of the downhill, I see Leah, my BFF. She cheers me on and it gives me energy. I tell her thanks and run up the last hill. I run into the fairgrounds and all I have to do is coast all the way to the finish. I run in and point to God. HE kept my legs moving. I collapse after I finish and rest. I made it!  Thank the Lord. I got 1st woman and 2nd overall. The leader went the wrong way so I moved up to 2nd.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever!