Thursday, November 28, 2019

Run to Stock the Closet 5K-Ariel-2019

11/28/19, Auburn, CA

27:08 (Unofficial)





10K: Bailey Cossantine, Jim Kepfer, Martin Sengo, Libby & Jason Shykowski, Robin Soares, Troy Soares & Oscar the Dog

5K: Anna Soares, Boatwright Family, Ashley & Hunter Glass and HEIDT Family & MANY OTHER AUBURN FRIENDS

We are praying when they are saying 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I only leave 2 seconds late though. I run up a hill. I see Mr.Kepfer and run with him. We run a little and then Mommy catches up and runs with us. Mr.Kepfer and Mom start getting farther and farther away from me. I do my best to stay with them but it’s too hard.

I know that a friend from Cross Country is racing. So, I go faster. I think I see them in the distance, I not sure but I'm pretty sure. I go faster trying to catch up. I run faster and go downhill. I see a girl and think if this was a race with results passing her would help, but it's not.

I start again picking up speed and get closer and closer to her. I finally pass her. I run down a hill I go pass Ashley and Hunter’s house. I see my Cross-Country friends. It feel weird being close because usually they are way ahead. I cross the railroad tracks and I pass them.

I don't stop running. I keep going fast. I pass Railhead Park. I look behind me and I see Uncle Mate. He's going fast and he might catch me. I run faster. I think I'm close. I run past 7-11 and then I have to cross the street. I run a little bit and I have to cross another street. I see a turkey sign and then I know I'm on track.

I run by a busy road and then my Uncle Matt passes me. I try to stay with him but it's hard to. I run up a hill and down to the finish, I start to go faster as I run to the finish line. I finished!