Thursday, November 28, 2019

Run To Stock the Closet 10k (Troy)

11/28/19, Auburn, CA

46:33 (Unofficial)





10K: Bailey Cossantine, Jim Kepfer, Martin Sengo, Libby & Jason Shykowski, Robin Soares

5K: Ariel Soares, Boatwright Family, Ashley & Hunter Glass and HEIDT Family & MANY OTHER AUBURN FRIENDS

This is so much fun, Robin’s family is visiting and her brother and mom are participating.  Oscar is super excited about all the dogs here.  We’ve worked hard to train him to “heal” and not run ahead.  But with a lot of runners it is still a challenge.

We pray before the start.  I always desire to remain focused on the Lord during a race because I know without Jesus in my life, I wouldn’t have the great memories I do.  Of course it’s easier to do that when everything is going well..

Everybody is running!  We missed the start.. even though we were standing on the start line.  That’s ok, it’s just for fun anyway, but Oscar is beside himself.  As we run along with the crowd up Lincoln St by Victory Velo and the other great shops of downtown, I have to keep calling Oscar to “heal” and stopping him from going ahead.  Perhaps it’s because he’s never seen so many running ahead.  Now we’re going up downtown’s steepest hill, Cherry Ave, and I’m still on Oscar constantly.  Needless to say this is stressful and kind of embarassing because everyone is having a great time and I’m disciplining my dog.  I was hoping to be encouraging others and spreading Christmas cheer rather than yelling “heal” over and over.  I’m reminded how important it is to look to God constantly or even silly things can take me, and my attitude, by surprise.

I catch up to Ariel and I’m excited to run with her for a bit.  But then Oscar runs in front almost tripping Ariel!  Even this short moment of joy is cut short.

Mile 1. 8:10.  Up Pleasant Ave hill, I’m determined to push the pace and try to catch up to Anna and Hunter.  I pass some of the same people over and over (since I stop for Oscar multiple times).  But at the top, where it levels out, and now farther ahead with fewer people, Oscar gets calmer and I’m reminded to enjoy this really “fun” time Smile.

I catch Robin and Jim Kepfer.  We see Hunter and Anna ahead.  We all comment how it’s becoming impossible to catch the “kids”.  But I’m determined to try and pull ahead.

Mile 2. 7:36. A long downhill, maybe I can catch up.  I do catch Hunter but remain 200 yds behind Anna.  Up along the gov’t buildings back to the Town Square starting line, I know it’s Oscar and it’s the last chance to catch her before we start our 2nd lap.  I’m surprised she’s going so fast even with another 5k ahead.

Mile 3. 7:13.  We come through the Square, heart racing, and my nephew gives me a high-5 at the same time I see Anna finished.  I’m winded and can barely say “Good Job”.  I didn’t realize she was doing the 5k, but it makes sense now.  Oscar and I now have a goal to catch a girl way up ahead.  I also feel like I want to make up for the all the stopping early on.  We push hard up Cherry Ave.  And come fast down by the High School. However, we’re now passing 5k walkers and Oscar thinks we’re behind again so I still need to be on him, otherwise all the training might be undone.

Mile 4. 7:27. Back up Pleasant and around the Overlook Park.  I see the Boatwright family all walking together and having a good time.  It’s a great reminder of the family moments and memories being made all around us.  I see Tony Lewindowski, and many other friends.

Mile 5. 7:32. Down Sacramento St, walkers on the right and cars on the left, I’m careful to keep Oscar out of the way of each.  Every once and a while a dog or person will move out and there’s a close call.  Thank you, Lord, for preventing any collisions.  “Hi Troy!”  It’s Robin’s mom, Jan, doing great in the 5k!  We push as hard as we can by the gov’t buildings again but can’t catch the girl ahead.

Mile 6. 6:44. Whew!  A great push and we’re done!  Sorry, Lord, I didn’t rely on you more.  Lesson is to go into even easy events with as much reliance on God as the hard events. 

It was great to see a lot of wonderful Auburnites, push hard, and be fortunate enough to have a wonderful family.. and a wonderful dog Smile