Monday, July 3, 2023

2023 - CER 5K Run for Hope - Robin

April 22nd, 2023 – Grass Valley, CA



5th Woman Overall


Troy Soares, Delaney Seeburger

Troy and I drive to the remote and beautiful campus of Christian Encounter Ranch.  It's always a blessing to do this race, see friends, and support an amazing ministry.  We connect with our friends Suzanne and Caryn and a few from our track group.  Worship music is playing in the background.  This is a unique race and such a blessing.  I am not in great shape right now but I will still do my best.

We line up and Outreach Pastor, Zach, prays for us. Ready, set, go!  The first quarter mile is flat but it quickly changes and climbs up steep.  My goal is to keep running even if it's slow. I pass up several kids that got out ahead of me.  

We meander through the campus.  The footing is tough in some spots but I survive.  It so hard climbing up to the canal but I keep going. Mile 1 is 11:09.

Ah, it's a nice break to be on the canal! Thank you God for giving me energy!  I enjoy the solid footing and flat terrain.  I'm able to pick up the pace and get moving.  I grab some water at the aid station.  At this point, there is another canal trail that runs parallel above me that runners come back on.  I look for Troy but it's hard to see much.

Eventually I make it to the upper canal trail.  The hunt is on for the smiley face. Once you see the smiley face, it's all downhill from there! Mile 2 is 9:35. I'm happy with that!  

I'm surprised that there are still some hills along here.  Thank you Lord for helping me hang in there!  Finally, there is the smiley face!  I'm relieved for the downhill.

Soon, this upper trail ends and merges with the lower canal trail at the aid station. I enjoy the flat and then have to go downhill which is not my favorite for my knees.  Quick feet and focus on getting the toes down on the ground.  I make my way down to the finish line. Mile 3 is 9:43.  I sprint to the finish and Troy, Suzanne, Caryn and others cheer me in.  Thank you Lord for the challenge!  I'm glad to be done!  Troy had a great day!  He got 3rd overall!