Monday, July 3, 2023

2023 Folsom International Tri - Troy


May 13, 2023 – Granite Bay, CA
Swim 1.5K – Bike 25 miles – Run 6.9 miles

2:30:49 (27:13 – 1:16:02 – 47:33)


2nd, M 55-59


Dave Campbell, Joshua Ridder

It's been a long time.  I reflect on the reason I race.  It's for God's glory.  There's even more opportunity because Anna & Ariel hear me often say to give their best effort to God.  Even when it hurts, we have to be honest if we're really looking to God or just focusing on our comfort.  I have an opportunity to be an example.

I haven't gotten much sleep.  I rode the tri bike a few times and did 1 6mi run recently and did 1 2000 yd swim in the last month.  Have a hand-me-down wetsuit I've never yet and is very tight.  But what's great is I have my family and it's good right now.  I've been praying for all of them and God has let us grow closer together in the last 3 weeks.

I bike into the park while family waits in long line.  I warm-up running and it feels great!
The Ridder's are here!  That's such a blessing. Joshua is racing (Robbie isn't here).

I get down to the water in good time before 1st wave.  Wetsuit is VERY hard to get on, takes a lot of water. The water isn't that cold. Someone helps me zip it up.  So tight.  I pray.  I know I must always stay focused on Him and be ready to stop and help someone or just encourage and most importantly be a good sport, smiling for others and representing well.

The swim goes well. Good sighting but don't try hard to draft except for times God puts someone ahead of me.  It feels too hard to do it all, just glad the breathing isn't out of control and I can see where to go.  1/2 way I actually feel a little cold, but otherwise this tight suit keeps me warm.  I calculate my pace about 1:40.  I try to pick it up the last 1000 yds.  Hoping to break 23, then 25..

Wetsuit came off legs great!  Surprised.  Sandals, smile, run happily to transition.

The bike is good, I don't have the tunnel vision like before!  I try to listen to God on how to bike.. Safely.. And with good form.  I don't covet others' placing and just try to push the correct way for God even when I want to slack off.

I catch a few people before Newcastle area.  I pass someone on the steep Powerhouse descent and then back-and-forth. Auburn-Folsom is a great ride back.  I realize I might break 1:15 (20mph ave I think).  The end comes sooner than I thought.  Thank you Lord.

The run starts off uncomfortable (I forgot to tighten laces so stopped on the trail) but I get into a better groove.  It's getting warm.  

I see Ariel & Anna at 2mi aid station and I'm really happy.  The rollers get really hard along the lake but I just keep talking to God and giving Him my best effort.  Trying to get from 7:50 pace to 7:30.. But rollers are pretty tough.

See Robin happily at 3mi aid station.  Tell myself 4mi is the time to pick it up and run like it's a 5mi race.  It's hot now and I know other runners way behind me are suffering more since they started later.  God keeps me going.  I try to pick it up.

5mi I see the girls again, get lots of water and electrolyte. Glad to have 1 mile to go. Guy says the other guy ahead is in my age group and he's a nice guy.  I tell him that when I pass him.  I push hard the last .5mi knowing he could catch me again.

Incredible race and God let it be so much fun!  True joy when you're right with God and doing it only for Him.

I ran back and helped Anna and Ariel at the aid station for an hour and then came back and picked up my 2nd place award (missed most of award ceremony).