Monday, July 3, 2023

2023 Resolution Run 10K - Anna

January 1, 2023 – Auburn, CA



2nd Woman Overall


Caleb Dickerson, Daniel Buettner, Dillon Holloway

5K: Ariel/Robin/Troy Soares, Caryn Galeckas, Hunter Glass, Suzanne Hartley

Today I'm doing the Resolution Run 10k. I get to run it with a lot of cool Colfax XC runners and a teammate of mine. We start off the run and everyone's having fun and joking around. It reminds me of the Placer XC team.

We run down the long pavement downhill for about a mile. I'm staying up with the top Colfax runners for right now. Another guy and a girl pass us and take the lead. By the time we get to the trail, I'm still right behind Dillon and running with his friend Daniel. As the trail flattens out and eventually starts the climb, I catch back up to the girl in front of me and tell her good job.

I start to drop Daniel and keep my eyes on Dillon. I run with Dillon at Tuesday Night track and I know he is a very fast runner, but I also know that I have good endurance. My goal is to stay with him as long as I can without depleting all my energy early on. In the past, I've had trouble with going out too fast for a long run and today I want to practice being a lot more consistent on the uphills and downhills in the beginning. That way I can have more energy towards the end. I don't even have a pace goal, I'm just going off the feel of my legs and body. I can start to feel the burn of this hill, but it's not overwhelming.

Up ahead we turn past the aid station and head out on the out-and-back section. The aid stations have water, but no cups. That's why I'm carrying a water bottle today. I knew carrying a water bottle might be tougher when running, but it's good practice for triathlon season. Even though I don't want to, I practice taking sips here and there so my body can get used to taking water throughout a long-distance event. 

There's still another hill ahead and I slowly grind up it keeping my pace consistent. At the top, it flattens out a little bit as we start to run around Robie point. Dillon is about 50m ahead but not dropping me yet. I'm really enjoying this run today because it is the start of a new year and I have been blessed with the ability to run fast by God and give Him glory through it. No matter what happens today, I get to enjoy running it right now for God. Running around Robie point is one of my favorite parts because it's a lot easier than running straight up a hill. It's got some rolling hills in it, but overall it has a consistent elevation.

As we get behind Robie Point, I really know this section well from doing mile repeats here. I know it's about a mile from here to Murphy's gate, which is where the 10K turnaround is. I know this section will be a slight uphill the whole way up, but it's nothing too steep that will burn out my legs. I'll also have a nice refresher on the downhill back. I'm still keeping Dillon in sight as I'm climbing the rolling hills. There are a lot of people out walking the trails today and they cheer me on and I thank them for their encouragement. I try to be considerate as I run by them. This section of the trail is quite muddy and there are tons of puddles. It poured all last night, but today was a beautiful day, a perfect way to start January 1st. However, it did leave the shaded section of the trails very wet. This was fine with me and I try to avoid them as much as I can, but I don't worry too much about getting my shoes dirty. I notice ahead that Dillon is just running straight through the puddles. I guess that's one way to do it. Your shoes are going to get wet anyways.

As I get close to the turnaround, I see the top man running back. He's flying. He's going to be tough for Dillon to catch. I see Dillon turn around and I tell him good job. I then turn around after him and start heading back. I see the girl who was originally in front of me in the beginning and I tell her good job. I also see my teammate Caleb and Dillon's friend Daniel running together. I cheer them both on and continue. As I'm going back I try to tell every runner I go by 'good job' and to smile. One of the easiest ways to give God glory is to smile so that's what I'm going to do today.

I enjoy the slight downhill as I head back toward Robie Point. I see Sophie who runs on the Colfax team and cheer her on. She's doing great today. I also see two more Colfax runners and cheer them both on. I start then to climb up the Western States trail to go over Robie Point, a different way back on this out and back. I start climbing and see Dillon running back asking if he's going the right way. I tell him he is and he continues to head up the Western States. Poor guy, it's not easy on the body to have to backtrack during a race. Western States is a hard climb and starts to test my body's strength. I know I'm over halfway so it's okay to be feeling this pain. I know I didn't go too fast in the beginning.

I get to the top of Robie and head down to the other side. I'm really careful of the rocks because this is the spot where I broke my ankle 2 years ago. I'm praying to God that I don't twist anything today because it's so easy with all the rocks out here. I get to the bottom of the hill and continue heading back to the beginning of the out and back. I see my friend Suzanne from FCA. I cheer her on and keep running. I'm still doing my best to tell everyone 'good job'. I get back to where I left off at the beginning of the out and back and head on the trail that will take me back to the start/finish line. 

I only have 1.2 miles to go, but there are a lot of hills ahead. The one problem is I have all these 5k runners I have to now run past. I do my best to be considerate as a run by them because I know they're in just as much pain as I am. I can still see Dillon up ahead and I'm proud of myself for keeping up with him for so long. I try to continue telling all the 5k runners ‘good job’ as I pass them. I pass our neighbors and I'm especially proud to see them running the Resolution Run. Even though this next mile is going to be long, I know every part of it. I know all the uphills and downhills and can map them out in my head because I've run it so many times. I create checkpoints for myself and to look at my watch to see how far I have left.

As I hit these tough hills, I power up them with all the juice I have left in my legs. I then run a little bit downhill and then right back up. At the bottom, there's this huge river which I just splash right through. My feet are soaked enough. I do wonder if my heavy shoes are making it harder on my legs. I keep running up the trail and now I have one long hill left. However, this hill is completely all mud and you can barely get any traction as you run up it. Halfway up I see these little girls who are probably 5 years old running the 5K. I cheer them on impressed to see them working so hard.

I now have the last steep part of the hill left and I power up it to see a surprise waiting for me at the top of the hill. My friends from school are here cheering me on. I also see an old friend, Hunter Glass there. I thank them for cheering me on and run all the way up to the top of the hill. I start running hard on the parking lot sidewalk to the finish. I wish I could push more right now, but my legs feel quite dead. I try to make myself pick it up and sprint hard into the finish line pointing to God. 

This was a great race and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed running for God and giving it my best effort. Dillon did amazing getting second overall and still finishing a good ways in front of me. The rest of the Colfax runners and my teammate did amazing. Can't wait to continue in this year 2023 and all that God has for me in it.

Praise The Lord for He is Good, His Love Endures Forever!