Sunday, August 3, 2014

TBF Kid’s Race–Anna & Ariel

8/3/14, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.
Swim 50meters – Bike 4m – Run 1m
Anna 31:35 PR! (Last year 32:06)
Ariel 48:27
Anna – 5th  – Age 9 Girls
Ariel – 4th – 6 & Under Girls
140803_tbf_trifor_ (7)I was doing a triathlon with Ariel.  We set up our transition area.  Then we got ready for the swim start.  We got in the water and they asked who is doing their first triathlon and my sister raised her hand.  Then they started counting down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…then the kids started saying 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…go!
I started swimming but had to stand up because people were crowding me and kicking me.  But then, I started swimming again and went around the buoy.  I got out and ran to my bike.  I got my stuff on.  Before I left, I saw Ariel and I said “good job!”  As I was getting my bike off the rack, I saw a girl close to me that was heading out on the bike.  I went after her and got ahead of her just before we started riding.
140803_tbf_trifor_ (67)I was talking with this girl I met and wasn’t paying  attention to where I was biking.  There was a dead rabbit in the road and I ran over it.  My friend said “did see that dead rabbit?”.  I said “I ran over it!”.  We kept biking and biking and biking.  I got to the turn around and I started biking back. Before I got to the bridge, I saw Ariel!  I said “good job Ariel!”  Then I kept biking and then I passed this little kid that was fast.
And, then I came back and saw my mom.  I parked my bike, took off my helmet, and drank some juice.  I got ready for the run and went out.  I saw Grammie and Papa.  I stopped at the aid station and drank some water.  I poured some out because I was not thirsty.  I went out on the run.  I ran and ran.  I ran up this big hill, turned around and ran down.  I saw my friend from the bike coming.  I said “hi!”. 
I almost to the finish line.  I saw this girl so I started racing her.  We sprinted hard and just beat me at the end.  I figured out that she was 11 years old.  It was crazy I almost beat an 11 year old!
I went back to my bike to start packing up.  Then I saw Ariel coming in from the bike.  Her shoes were untied and the volunteers wanted to tie them for her but I said I’ll do it and I tied her shoes.  I helped her get ready and out she went onto the run!
I waited and waited and then saw my sister.  I yelled and said “good job Ariel, you can do it!”  I gave her a high five and then she finished and got a ribbon like me. 
We both got some food.  Later we got awards.  I was 5th and she was 4th!

They counted down before we swam.  After that, we all started.  Then, on accident, someone pushed me down under the water.  I wasn’t scared, I just kept swimming.  I swam around the buoy. I was glad I was almost to the swim finish.  After that I ran out of the water and saw Mommy and Daddy.  Then I ran into transition.  I got my shirt, shorts and shoes on.  I got my helmet on, drank some juice and went.
140803_tbf_trifor_ (69)I biked over a bridge and then back it back over it.  As I was coming back, I passed 3 boys.    After that I saw Aunt Hilde and Mommy.  I was glad I was almost finished!
I biked to transition, got off my bike and ran to my spot.  I saw Anna and she helped me tie my shoes.  I drank some juice and water.  After that I ran out. I saw Grammie, Hilde, Papa and Mommy.  I grabbed some water, drank and I threw the cup down.  Grammie said “she’s a pro at throwing cups!” 
I went on to the path.  I started seeing some kids.  I passed a older boy on the run who was walking.  After that I saw the turn around.  I started coming back and saw the boy I passed.  I ran back.
I saw Anna, Grammie, Papa, Mommy and Aunt Hilde.  They were all cheering for me.  Anna shouted “get a ribbon” and “race for God!”  I was so happy to almost be done.  I crossed the finished line and got my ribbon.  I was done!
140803_tbf_trifor_kids_awards - Copy