Sunday, August 6, 2017

Folsom Intl Tri–Robin - 2017


8/6/17 – Auburn, CA


1.5km S – 40km B – 10km R


2:34:00 (29:16 – 1:43 - 1:13:50 – 1:20 -  47:49)


1st Place, 40-44 (5th Female OA)


Int’l – Dave Campbell, Troy Outman (FCA)

Sprint – Anna Soares (FCA)

I get dropped off 4 miles from the start and enjoy a quiet and dark ride with headlamp along the Lake Natomas bike path.  It’s very peaceful.

I make it to transition and see FCA teammate, Janell Peterson.  We chat and then I find a spot. I then search for Anna.  We get her a spot in the Sprint area.  I’m a bit nervous for her because the sprint bike is 19 miles.  Her longest race has been only 9 miles!  We’ve done some good training together, though, so i’m confident she can at least complete it.  It just might take her almost 2 hours. 

Troy and Ariel are setting up our FCA tent, gear and kids zone.  Troy will man the booth and later Ariel will help put the awards together for the Race Director.

Anna and I do some running and her knee is hurting.  I sure hope it will go away.  We find some secret bathrooms.  When I come out I hear “boo!”.  I look around and there’s Anna in a tree!  Silly girl…so glad it’s just another fun day for her!

Time to pray and then I get in the water first.  The prayer was announced late so no one meets us at the FCA flag but the girls, Troy and I pray together.  Praying for safety, God being glorified, and Anna getting through her long bike!  Just before I head in for the swim, Troy Outman comes running over.  We pray again with him and then it’s into the water. 

As I swim out, it’s pretty cold.  I start to get more concerned for Anna.  I want to swim back and warn her but my wave is starting in less than 2 minutes.  Lord, please protect her and keep her from getting too cold.  I know the only thing I can do is pray!Ready, set, go!  I get a good start and feel strong. I’m getting used to the cold and there are some spots where it actually feels warm.

I make it to the first turn buoy.  Not too crowded. 

On the way back, I can see the sprint swimmers coming at me on my left.  We are all merging!  Now I get concerned that Anna is going to get swum over or hit in the head.  I think back to the 2013 Ironman in Tahoe.  It was foggy and I was so scared about getting caught in a crowd.  I prayed and it seemed like the Lord made a straight and clear path for me.  My prayer for Anna is that she’ll have a straight and clear path, too!

Final buoy and now I’m heading back to shore.  I’m pushing hard and thinking about Anna.  I want to get out of the water and tell Troy I’m concerned. 

I get out of the water and have some trouble getting my wetsuit off at the shore.  My karate chop kicks to kick out of the wetsuit are not working well today. I actually have to pull the wetsuit off my ankles.  I run up to Troy and whisper, "I’m scared for Anna”.  He says not to worry and tells me to get going. I do but continue to pray for her.

I get on my bike and head out.  I cross Hwy 50 and jump on Folsom Road.  It’s nice and flat out here.  I rode 82 miles yesterday and ran 3.5 miles.  I purposely came into this race with no taper.  So far I feel good!  Anna should be out of the water and biking.  I hope she’s not cold on the bike.  Lord, please be with her and help her.  Please, keep her safe, too. 

I catch up to a gal in pink and pass her.  In a few minutes, she’s passed me back.  Another girl goes by.  She’s fast and I cannot match her pace.  She passes the pink girl and the pink girl soon passes her back.  It doesn’t take long for the other girl to go right by. We turn right onto White Rock Road.  I’ve never been this way on this road.  I’m glad to see there is little vehicle traffic out here and cones on most of it.  Makes me feel better about Anna being out here.  Dave Campbell comes by and says hi.  I cheer him on.  I pass the pink girl again and she soon passes me back.  I see her do this with another gal in black and that gal passes her back.

I’m able to keep Dave in sight for quite a while.  I am amazed how strong I feel.  Thank you Lord!  I pass the pink girl and work hard to make it stick this time.  We head out to do this short out and back.  I’m so focused on pushing that when I hear Anna say “hey Mom!”, I jump on my seat.  Oh my gosh, there she is!  She’s smiling!  “Go Anna!”  Thank you Lord!  She looks great and is doing great!  I realize that the sprint cyclists are riding right past this part of our course. She’s already completed most of the ride.  That just makes my day.  Lord, You are so good!

I complete my out and back with a greater sense of peace.  I’m holding off the pink girl and I catch up to the girl in black.  I wonder if I can catch up with Anna.

I hit the bike path and know I’m getting close to being done.  Down the path and to the tunnel.  I’m sure Anna had a blast riding through here! 

No sign of Anna!  She’s flying!  I’ll have to wait to see her until the run. 

I’m almost done.  Amazed how fast the miles flew by.  Having a long day yesterday makes the ride today seem so short.  It’s nice it feels that way!

Into transition.  I was able to pull my feet out of my bike shoes and ride in…yeah!  I get in and out quick.  I say bye to Janell as I leave.

I feel good starting out.  I feel motivated to see Anna.  It helps me to ignore the normal discomfort of pushing.

MIle 1 is 7:28ish.  No Anna yet.  But then I pass one of her competitors, Jessica James.  She’s moving slow and looks like she’s struggling.  I slow down and ask her if she needs anything.  She smiles and says no.  I tell her to hang in there.

Soon I see Anna coming back and she’s smiling, and flying!  We give each other high 5s.  Lord, thank you for getting her through this race!  I’m amazed!  I hit a nice downhill and try to get my legs spinning

Mile 2 is  7:31.  It’s harder now to push without having Anna to look for.   I soon see the top girls heading back.  They are quite a ways ahead!  Keep pushing, you never know!  I see Troy Outman coming!  I give him a high five and tell him to hold off Dave Campbell.  It’s not too long before I see Dave coming fast!

Mile 3 is 7:16.  Though tired, I can still push and I feel good overall.  I make the turn around and get to see who is behind me.  I see one girl moving quick.  Now I have new motivation to push. 

Mile 4 is 7:16.  Ready to be done but still feeling good.  Gotta keep moving!  I have half a track workout left!  I can do that!

I hit the “big hill”.  I enjoyed the down part earlier but gotta pay for it now.  I am able to push well and get up and over.  The top is where I said I would push so I try to.

Mile 5 is 7:28.  Last mile.  When I hit the wooden bridge, I push harder.  I want to look back but I don’t.  I see a guy ahead and try to close the gap.  He alludes me all the way to the finish chute.  It’s okay, he got me here quicker.  I push hard and look up to God as I cross the line.  Thank you Jesus!  What a great day!

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