Sunday, August 13, 2017

TBF Tri For Kids #3–Ariel & Anna 2017


8/13/17, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, Ca.


Anna: 150m S – 4mi B – 1mi R
Ariel: 50m S – 4mi B – 1mi R


Anna 24:46  
Ariel 31:35 PR! – Last Year 32:47


Anna – 1st Age 12 Girls; 2nd Overall Girl

Ariel – 1st  Age 9 Girls


I170813 Ariel Start get in the water.  It's warm.  I'm lined up with a bunch of kids. The director says 10, 9, 8,…, 3, 2, 1, go!  Some kids are going fast and some kids are walking!  I'm swimming as fast as I can. 

I go around the buoy and finish on shore.  I run up to transition taking off my goggles and cap.  Then I get on my helmet and dry myself off.  I try to put on some bike shorts but they are too small.  I decide not to wear them.  I get on my shoes.  I try to take my bike off the rack and the rack falls down.  Someone comes over to pick it up and then I'm able to run off with my bike.

170813 Ariel T2I take off biking fast.  I pass a boy with his mom following on a bike.  I keep going. 

I make it to the turn around.  I go back over the bridge and finally into transition.

I start running out of transition.  I see Daddy, Nana Sue and Papa Ray. I grab water at the aid station.  I get to the gravel road.  I keep running.  I see the twins running back together.

I make a turn and see another girl.  I go down a hill and up a hill.  I get to the turn around.  The girl is now farther away.  I try to pick up my speed but my legs are so tired, they can’t go very fast. 

I see the grass so the finish line is close.  I turn right onto the grass and I see the finish line.  I sprint to the finish line as fast as I can.  I finish!  Yeah!170813 Ariel Finish

Later on I find out that I finished first in my age group! Thank you God!

170813 Ariel Podium


170813 Anna Start23, 2, 1 Go! And I am off. My hands hit the bottom of the lake because it is really shallow in the beginning. Some of the kids pass me but it’s ok. One kid passes in front of me and accidently kicks my goggles and water gets in them. 170813 Anna T2

I swim around the first buoy and head back to shore. I get to shore and run up the path to transition. I get to transition put my helmet on and get on my bike and take off. I bike fast so I can catch a girl who is in front of me.

I bike across the bridge. I can see her in the distance. I get in my biggest gear so I can go faster downhill. I see the girl coming up the hill.  I see the turn around. I slow down and go around the turn. I think I can catch her. My chain all of the sudden comes off and my foot hits the ground.  My handle bars twist and I crash. I slowly get up and a volunteer helps me get my chain back on. A boy bikes by and says good job. I start biking and my side starts hurting from the crash. I hold my side and keep one hand on the handle bars.

I see Ariel at the top of the hill and smile. Half way across the bridge I take my hand off my side and can bike normal. I bike across the speed bumps and to transition. I take off my helmet and put on my race belt.

I run out and get a cup of water. I run onto the dirt. I run around the turn and see the girl. I say finish strong. I run up the hill and run dow.  I say good job to others. I have a side cramp and I try to catch a boy. I catch him and then I try to catch another boy. I am right behind him and he sprints into the finish. I feel like I have no more energy left. I run strong though and point to God as I run through the finish line because it could have been worse. I couldn’t have done it without Him!

170813 Anna Podium1170813 Anna Podium2170813 Anna Weird