Sunday, August 13, 2017

TBF Tri for Real #3–Robin -2017


8/13/17 – Auburn, CA


1.5km S (short) – 40km B – 10km R


2:28:38 (21:59 – 1:15:49 – 45:49)


1st Place, 40-44 (1st Female OA)


Int’l – Dave Campbell, FCA: Caryn Galeckas, Dana Haldeman, Lori Berkenstock, Suzanne Hartley, Troy Outman (FCA)

Kids Tri – Anna Soares & Ariel Soares  (FCA)

I get up early for quiet time.  God puts this Matthew 11:28-30 on my heart…

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

I am not supposed to do this race or life on my own.  I feel like this week I’ve been trying to train and get things done on my own strength.  On my own, I am weary and burdened as the verse says.  I needed the reminder to lay all that at Jesus’ feet!

It’s been several years since I’ve raced here.  The tradition is Ariel, Anna and Troy race.  This year I’ve taken Troy’s place literally. 

We get to Rancho Seco Park early.  Troy drops me off a few miles from transition.  I cycle in and get my legs loose.  My legs feel tired from my last long training day.  The fact that I’m in taper mode is nice but I don’t feel it yet.

I’ve got some great FCA teammates racing with me today: Caryn Galeckas, Lori Berkenstock and Suzanne Hartley.  Lori is there early too so the two of us get to pray for one another.

Nana Sue and Papa Ray are here to watch the girls race.  We see Anna go off in a small wave with the big kids.  She looks strong and finishes midpack.  Next is Ariel.  Her wave is packed.  As the race starts, she’s working hard and getting blocked by kids actually walking in front of her.  As usual, she doesn’t mind and just continues to push to the finish.  Just before I have to race, I get to see Anna finish 4th Overall and 2nd girl.  She crosses the line pointing to God and smiling.  Moments later, I see Ariel come off the bike and start the run.  Thank you Lord for letting me be able to witness all of this!

I get down to the swim.  Caryn, Lori, Suzanne and I pray for one another and for each of us to be a light out there.  Dana Haldeman is also racing.  She’s FCA too and racing with the Gold Country Tri Club out out Grass Valley.  I get in a quick warm up and then all four of us are off in the last wave. 

170813 Robin Swim Finsh1I feel good going out to the first buoy.  I think I’m in the top 5.  The water is pretty warm so I try to pull on my collar every so often to let in some cool water.

I make the turn at the first buoy.  I haven’t had a consistent draft yet.  I think I’ve found one but the swimmer keeps going right.  Better stay straight.

At the last buoy, I’m ready to be done!  I push to the shore.  I’m getting myself mentally prepared to karate chop my feet out of my wetsuit.  I hope mostly to impress Troy this time.  On the shore I go, have pretty good success getting the wetsuit down to my feet.  Ready, set, kick!  Nothing!  Ready, set, kick!  Nothing!  Oh well, I yank it off both feet.  I lubed my legs and the wetsuit and it seemed to make no difference.

Ariel and Anna are there as I run up to transition.  I give Ariel a high five.

Ok, time to bike.  I get a good transition and  head out.  It takes a few minutes to get my bearings and comfortable.  A woman passes me just before I get outside the park.  She’s 45.  I cannot match her so I’ll hope to catch her on the run.  I am able to pass a woman in my age group going out.

Ok, tail wind going out and head wind coming back.  Better make this first half count!  A 54 year old gal passes me!  She’s amazing!  I cannot match her pace either! I hope I can be that fast in 10 years!  Gotta keep training!

I rode long yesterday so I’m hoping these miles go by fast like the last race!  This course is just a straight out and back.  It’s a bit boring especially since there are not a lot of racers to catch or that I’m able to catch just yet. At least I’m averaging around 20 mph. 

If I see other riders coming back, I’ll know I’m getting close to the turn around.  I do see some when I still have about 4 miles to go to the turn around.  I remind myself that they are fast and that they started 15 minutes ahead of me. 

Around Mile 10, I see Dave Campbell heading back.  He looks strong but he’s all alone…the field is really spread out!  I hit the railroad tracks and I know I’m almost midway.  I’ve only been passed by a few guys.  I’ll soon see what girls are chasing me.

I make the turn and start heading back.  I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m still able to keep the same pace…no head wind!  Yeah!  I see a woman coming fast.  I better keep up the pressure.  I don’t see Dana.  I wonder where she is.

That woman flies by like a stealth fighter jet.  I don’t know she’s there until she’s past me!  I try to tell her good job but I don’t think she can hear.  I dig deep and am able to keep her from pulling away for several miles on the slightly hilly sections.

With four miles to go, the gal pulls away.  I push and she continues to pull away.

I turn into the park and head back to transition.  I pull my feet out of my shoes and put them on top.  Phew!  Always relieved when I can do that without knocking off the shoes.  I pull in to dismount and run to my spot.

I get on my shoes and gear and head out.  I can see the stealth gal ahead.  I think I can catch her.  I grab water going out and drink the whole cup. 

170813 robin Run startI hit the gravel road.  It’s totally exposed out here.  I feel tired but can still push some.  I catch the stealth girl at almost a mile.

Mile 1 is around 7:55.    I see another girl in the distance.  Just after the first mile, I see teammate Cliff Appleby working an aid station.  He gives me water and tells me “blessings to you”!  Thank you Cliff!  I drink the whole cup and almost a 2nd cup. 

As I get closer to the girl ahead, it looks like Dana.  Wow, I never saw her on the bike!  She’s moving! 

Mile 2 is about 7:26.  I feel tired but remember Troy telling me that once I get to the trails along the lake I’m home free!  Those trails are still a few miles off. I see the top girl that passed me at the beginning coming back.  She looks strong. I still wonder if I can catch her.

I hit the main park road for an out and back.  I finally catch up to Dana.  She’s so sweet and encourages me.  I tell her the Lord is our strength and to keep pushing.  She says thanks.  I see the 54 year old gal running back from the turn around.  I hope to catch her eventually!

Mile 3 is about 6:56.  Wow, that totally surprises me.  What surprises me more is that I feel great!  I really feel like I can push hard.  Lord, thank you!  This is a gift. 

I make it to the trail!  I think of Troy telling me that this will be fun and like zipping around on the trails at home.  I continue to feel awesome!  I pass a 77 year old guy.  He looks fast and strong!  Wow!  I tell him great job and he says “praise the Lord!”.  I say “yes, praise the Lord!  He is our strength!”. 

Mile 4 is about 6:52.  Wow, this is great!  I pass the 54 year old and tell her good job!  I can see the top girl!  I might be able to catch her! That would be crazy!

Mile 5 is about 6:51.  Just before the trail ends, I do catch her!  Wow, thank you Lord!  We tell each other good job. 

I hit the gravel road and know it’s just a mile to go!  I get to Cliff’s aid station and get more water.  Along the way I see Caryn and then Suzanne.  It’s a treat to give them high fives!  In the distance I can can see Anna and Ariel waiting for me on their bikes.  They are sweethearts!  I give them high fives as I go by.  I tell them to hustle ahead so that they don’t pace me or get in anyone’s way.  They take off to the finish to wait for me. 
I hit the grass and sprint towards the finish.  I’m praising God and thanking HIm for this gift.  I do not deserve it at all. 
I cross the finish and point up to God!  Thank you Jesus!  What a day!

170813 robin Finish1170813 robin Finish3170813 Robin Podium