Saturday, August 12, 2017

Folsom Sprint Tri–Anna - 2017


8/6/17 – Auburn, CA


1/2mi S – 19mi B – 5km R


1:56:54 (22:25 – 2:43 - 1:08:07 – 0:51 -  22:45)


1st Place, 1-15 Female


Int’l – Dave Campbell, Troy Outman (FCA), Robin Soares (FCA)

I step into the water it is very cold. They say 2 mintutes left but dad says 3 minutes. I swim out in the water and it is very cold. They count down but it’s for the kayakers. We have time. I try to stay warm waiting in the cold water. When they start the count down a lot of people come next to me.

Go!!!! I start swimming and it’s crowded. I stick my head up to see where we are going. I swim and sing a worship song in my head. I get around the first buoy and keep swimming. it’s not really crowed anymore. I keep swimming and my feet are numb.  I can’t feel them but I know they aren’t warm. I feell chilly but I keep swimming. Dad said that after a while I will feel faster people swimming by me but I don’t feel anything. I get around the 2nd buoy and it is still not crowded. I swim and swim to the next buoy. I start swimming in. I look ahead and swim. I finally get to the ground and rip off my wetsuit. I take a lot of time but got it off.


I run into transition and get my stuff on. I ask dad if I should tie a long sleeve shirt around my waist in case I get cold. He asks me if I feel cold and I say no. So I run out of transition without it.

I start the bike and go over a bridge. Its flat so I speed up. After a while I look at my Garmin and it says that I am going about 3 miles every 10min. I try to keep the pace. I move my chain up to the big ring on my bike. I turn and keep biking.

I pass some people and some people pass me. There is this long downhill up to a long uphill. I bike hard and fast down hill and then coast up the uphill. I go uphill, downhill , uphill, downhill and up. We turn again.

170806_usap_folsom_sprint_anna_bikeAn a older girl passes me and I pass her. We go back and forth. Miles start to go by fast. At about mile 13 or 14, Troy Outman rides by me and says good job. I am surprised. I think, if Troy is here mom should be close. I turn my head and see mom on the other side of the road. I yell “MOM!” See looks up and says good job.

I bike on to a bike path. I go fast and beat some people. I see a tunnel up ahead with lights inside. I think cool! It’s not really cool because it’s really dark even with the lights. I can barely see the ground. My bike wheels are making noise in the tunnel and make me think that a biker is right on my wheel! I bike and look ahead. I get out of the tunnel and there isn’t anyone close behind me. I bike under a bridge and smile at the camera.  I bike on the path and almost run into a pole. I bike on the road and try to loosen up my legs for the run.

In transition, Dad and Ariel aren’t here, I guess because I’m so early. The annoucer says my name as I go out on the run. Dad and Ariel heard it and realized I’d gone through.

I start running and it’s hard to get my legs going. I see a girl in my age group (a girl I know, Jessica James) up ahead of me.  I also see two girls coming back. I think if I could beat Jessica I could get 3rd in my age group. I run past her and say good job.

I keep running and I run over a bridge. I run through an aid staion and get water. I keep running on the bike path. After a while I’m thinking the turn around should have been sooner. Finally I see it. I turn around and start saying good job to people.  It makes the time go faster.

I look for the girl but I don’t see her. I see mom running and Jessica is behind her walking. Mom and I are happy to see each other. I encourage Jessica as I go by. I keep running. I run over the bridge.  I’m getting closer to the finish line. I run off the bike path onto another path to the finish line.

I sprint in and jump over the finish line pointing to God! When Jessica came over the finsh line I say good job to her and make her feel good. I thought I was going to get 2 hours for the bike but I got under 2 hours for the whole thing! THANKS TO GOD!!! I could of never done that with out Him!

170806 AnnaFinishStarting170806 AnnaFinishSprint170806_usap_folsom_sprint_anna_finish

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