Sunday, April 21, 2019

Copperopolis Road Race–Anna- 2019

April 21st, 2019 – Milton, CA
23 Miles
1st , Junior 9-14
Hunter Glass, Robin Soares, Troy Soares
We are at the starting line and are ready to bike. This is my friend Hunter's first road race. This is my second road race. At the starting line, they tell us to put our bikes in the big chain ring. I don’t know why they had us do that. Soon the race director blows the whistle and we are off. We start to bike and I feel good. We turn onto a road that is super bumpy. I try to look for potholes so that I don't get a flat tire. It feels cool to be biking with a pack. As I am biking along, I find out that the only other girl in the race is a friend of mine, Shantelle. She normally races triathlons with me. We talk a little bit and I find out that she really doesn't like the bumpy road.

We have been going downhill for a while. We go past an aid station but it is so soon that nobody needs anything. It is mainly for the bikers that do two laps or more. Sometimes there is a smooth space but most of the time it is bumpy.

We hit the uphill and it is smoother. My legs are starting to hurt but I keep up the pace. I stay with the bikers as we bike uphill. I try to stay to the side because they warned us not to cross the yellow line. Some parts on the hill are bumpier than others.

After a while, my legs really hurt. I fall off the group, which includes Hunter and Shantelle, when they surge. I am not too far behind though. I keep pushing up the hill but they are getting farther ahead. That's ok though. I smile and know that I will be fine because I have God. After a while, I make it to the top. I see the group in the distance and try to not to let them get farther away. I feel content though and focus on doing my best and smiling for God.

It is windy and I wish that I had someone to draft behind. That is ok though. Sometime later I start to realize that I am gaining on them. I start to pick it up. Even if I can’t catch up it is cool to be gaining. I am getting closer and closer. I am surprised they aren’t pedaling hard and that I can catch up without a draft. I get close to the two cars that are following behind the group and they move over for me. I push hard and catch up to the group. I am so happy. I am glad God let me catch up. I slow down when I get there because they weren’t going as fast as I was just going. I get to finally draft. I stay behind and try not to lead in the front. We go through the countryside on a smooth road. I start to realize that every once and a while someone will surge and everyone then follows. But then it goes back to an easy pace. You just have to stay with the group when they surge and then you get a break.

Two people mostly lead and everyone else drafts. Shantelle is one of them along with a boy I don’t know. I have only been in the front once so far, and that was in the beginning. At mile 18, I start to get excited. We are almost done. We are going uphill and Shantelle and I pull ahead. We weren't trying to, but everyone was going slow. I hear the group surge and I start to pick it up so I don’t get left behind. We are biking uphill and are getting closer and closer. I try to save my energy and get ready to push.

At mile 19 we get to a downhill. Three boys pull ahead and I miss the opportunity to get in their group. I am drafting behind a boy who also couldn’t get in the group. Behind us is Shantelle, Hunter and some others. The boy I was drafting behind signals to me to pass him. I think he wants to draft. I get in front of him and realize I can go faster on this downhill. I take off and he doesn't stay with me. I don’t have anyone to draft of but I am going really fast. This hill is like the beginning and is really bumpy. I try and to hold on too tight so I don’t shake a lot. I also try not to let go because it is really bumpy. I get to the bottom of the hill and catch up to the group of three.

We are getting close to the finish line. I get a little too excited and start to lead. I try to slow down so I can draft. We get to the hill to the top and we go for it. The two old kids go ahead and I know I can’t stay with them. I am racing one kid though. My legs are burning and I try to keep pushing. I get ahead of the kid and keep pushing. I cross the finish line and point to God with one finger. When I get my balance down, I will point with two fingers. I was able to get the first girl. My friend Hunter did well, but he sadly didn’t have his glasses so had so trouble going down the big hill fast.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever!