Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mighty Dog 10K–Troy & Oscar - 2019


4/7/19 – Granite Beach






1st Male Overall, 1st Large Dog Category


5K: June Montuori; 10K: Anna Soares

Race morning and I'm running with Oscar for a 10K. My concern as always is that Oscar will get too excited, run ahead, get in the way of other runners and lose all that we trained him about running with us and not getting away from us. We start off withs lots of dogs but not as big a field as last time. Go!  We take off about four rows back is Oscar is a little too far ahead but I think he'll calm down.  There's a guy with a really small dog that's running very fast but as soon as he sees Oscar coming up behind, he freaks out, stops and pulls his owner back.

We are approaching the trails and are side by side with a German Shepherd. We push a little bit harder and get on the trail first.  Now we feel the pressure because we have a German Shepherd running right behind.  Anna is running right with me and it's really nice to have her. Running on the trails at Granite Beach is always fun. You really feel like you're running through the forest. We duck back and forth on the single track all the while having the German Shepherd on our heels. It makes me think this must be what it's like to be a criminal running away from police officer and the K-9.

We come out onto a paved road and Anna is right with us which is great.  We turn back on to the single-track and the German Shepherd is really panting hard.  I've been running fast trying to stay ahead of them but now I'm realizing I don't think he's going to keep this up I look at Oscar and he looks calm. Asher and I make it to the levy a r us straightaway which allows me to push a little faster But I keep in mind this is second last to go so I need to conserve. The German Shepherd is still on our heels and we are approaching an aid station. I grab water but Oscar doesn't take any offered.

We go through the single-track to the northern part of the trail.  We are running well and having fun jumping over little creeks and puddles. Oscar never misses a beat.  He just glides around or over obstacles. We're running up to the next aid station and I tell Oscar to drink water.  He starts running ahead towards it. He goes right into the kiddie pool of water and gets a few good gulps.  I grab some too. As I look back, I don't notice the German Shepherd panting behind us anymore. Later Anna told me that he just laid down in the kiddie pool of water to cool off.

Now we're running along sand in the open area. The last time we raced this course we went across a lower valley but now the lake level is so high it's flooded. We run straight back to the starting line and start the second loop. Robin and Ariel are there cheering for us and I tell Oscar to drink water but this time he just goes and stands in the pool and it's not interested in drinking.  He just wants to get back to running.

Starting second loop I try to get motivated to run the same speed or negative split so it's going to be tough. Oscar actually is slowing down a little and running alongside or behind instead of in front.  However when we get to the turn to come back towards the park he seems revitalize and he's back pushing the pace. Now we're passing many 5Kers and their dogs.  It goes well as we pass on the left and Oscar minds his own business and doesn't try to eat any of them. It's getting difficult pushing the pace I know there's only a mile left to go I want to do our best. Oscar is full of energy. He drinks water again at the same aid station and now it's a straight shot back to the finish. We've led the race since the half mile marker. I'm glad to finish.  I thank the Lord that it wasn't as stressful as I would thought it would be. I appreciate being able to run. Thank you God.