Sunday, August 25, 2019

Good Dog/Dirty Dog 10K-Troy & Oscar-2019

8/25/19, Granite Bay, CA



1st Overall



10K: Robin Soares

5K: Ashley & Hunter Glass

We always have fun running the dog races that TBF puts on at Granite Beach.

Oscar and I are coming off the 1/2 marathon so this shouldn’t be too hard.

As always, I really what to race to glorify Christ in some way.  It’s hard running a 10k, but I know God always gives me a little more energy to be concerned for others, cheer for them, and be prepared to help if needed.

Today is extra special because the Glass Family (Chad, Hunter and Ashley) are all racing!  Anna isn’t because of a hurt ankle.


We take off and Oscar is, as usual, too excited for the 1st mile

Mile 1. 7:31. We are out in front and he calms down.  He’s getting better all the time and now I feel I can really run normal and focus on people and aid stations better.

I work on form.  It’s a warm day and I prepare for the first aid station.  I tell Oscar, “Water” and he runs ahead right for the doggy pool.


Mile 2. 7:06.  A fast mile.  We’ve done this course before so I’m better prepared for where the water stations are.

We’re running well and keeping a good pace.


Mile 3. 7:26. When we come through for lap #2, Anna tells me that Chad fell and may have broken his ankle!  I’m saddened to hear that because he’s training for a big race and had been looking forward to it for years.  I pray immediately that it won’t be bad.  It’s hard running when you just want to find out more about an injured friend.


Fortunately Hunter and Anna keep me posted. 

Mile 4. 7:28.

Mile 5. 7:15. I pass his daughter Ashley doing the 5k but I don’t tell her so not to scare her.

Oscar and I push the last mile hard and finish well.


Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with being able to run.

We immediately find Chad and help him get transported home.

Everyday is a blessing and we never know when things will suddenly change.  Thank you, Lord, for having a plan even when our plans have to change.