Sunday, August 11, 2019

TBF Tri for Real AquaBike#3–Anna-2019

8/11/19, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, CA
1.5km S – 40km B

1:55:03 (32:08 S – 1:21:55 B)


2nd overall women


TeamMates/Friends: Robin Soares, Ariel (Kids Tri),  Dave Campbell

Tri For Real Aquabike

I get to the race and get set up. I was originally going to do the swim-run distance but I hurt my ankle and switched over to the swim-bike (Aquabike). After I set up, I start to walk down to the swim start to watch my mom. I see my mom running up because she forgot her spray, which helps you out of your wetsuit. I’m a little worried because her race is starting very soon. I get down to the beach and start putting on my wetsuit. My mom comes back and gets in the water with barely time to spare. She now runs out again because her goggles are broken.  She asks to use mine. I give her mine and tell her not to worry and that she’ll like them. She gets in the water just as the announcer is counting down. After she takes off my dad fixes her goggles for me to wear. The announcer says we're starting soon, but I thought it would be later. My dad finally finishes the goggles and starts to help me finish with my wetsuit. The announcer says “40 seconds!”  I get my wetsuit zipped, my dad sprays my ankles and I run down to the water as the announcer counts down, 6,5,4,3,2.. splash!. I dive into the water right as it’s time to go.

I had no time to be nervous or worry about the temperature. My dad said to get water in my wetsuit, but since I didn't have time I get water in it as I am swimming. I feel great and I feel the wetsuit somewhat lifting me on top of the water. I find someone who is going my speed and draft behind them. I make sure not to hit her feet because it can be annoying. After a while, she sort of drifts to the side. I stay in the same spot and see if she will come back. She doesn't come back but stays in the same spot aiming towards the buoy. We are going the same speed so I decide to drift over to her and draft and save energy.

I continue to draft and after a while, we get to the buoy. The buoy came faster than I thought. I go around and continue drafting off her. After a while, we start to drift but we correct ourselves. She starts to drift, but this time I don't follow her. She drifts pretty far out. I am swimming and see mountains of seaweed. Sometimes I notice it and sometimes not. I keep looking up but then I start to drift the other way. I aim towards the next buoy and try to stay straight. There's a guy who is drifted very far out. I feel bad for him. I see a man up ahead and I make it my goal to catch him. I catch up to him and pass him. By now I am closer to the buoy.

I get closer and turn around it and head back to shore. The sunlight is shining down into the water. It is very pretty. I try to grab the sunbeam in the water, but I can't grab it. I continue swimming and get closer to shore. Sometimes I am scared in the water but I feel confident because I have God. I draft a little bit, but I mostly swim on my own. As I get closer to shore I see my dad waiting for me. He doesn't seem to see me yet. As I get closer I see some seaweed, then it suddenly stops and turns to sand. I stand up and start running. At shore I stop to take off my wetsuit. It is hard to stand still and pull it off. A guy comes over and grabs my tag on my wetsuit and I then take off. I run up to transition with my dad cheering me on. He says I'm in 2nd. I throw my wetsuit down and put my helmet and glasses on. I run out of transition and hop onto my bike.

I bike out fast. I slow down a little bit when I come to the speedbumps. I bike across a bridge and look at the water. I keep biking and a girl passes me.  I try to stay up with her but can’t. She bikes ahead. There is a turn up ahead and I start to go wide and forget to look back. A friend had just come up on my side when I started to go wide. I said sorry and moved more in. I bike onto a flat road and it goes for a while. The road is bumpy and isn't smooth. The road curves and continues. A red bike passes me and I then pass it back. After a while, a girl in a green jersey passes me and I then pass her back. I try to stay ahead of both of them.


Later the green jersey bike and the red bike pass me back. I pass the red bike but I can't pass the green jersey back. Up ahead we turn again and there is some downhill. The land is all yellow and dry, while the trees are all green. I'm starting to think that I should see the first people doing the Olympic coming back. Sure enough, I see them. I continue biking and after a while the road gets smooth. I start to bike faster. Up ahead now see the green jersey girl. I continue biking and trying to gain ground. I get closer and closer and finally I pass her. I continue ahead thanking God for being with me.

Up ahead I see railroad tracks. As I get closer I take it wide and go parallel across the tracks. After I go over I realize I should have looked behind. I check behind and there is a biker and then a motorcycle behind me, but not close. I thank God for keeping me safe and remind myself to always look behind. I continue biking and sometimes go over too far and hit the bumpy part in the road that is for cars who go over to far. I start to go down a hill and see mom coming up it. I wave to her, but I don't know if she saw me. I bike down the hill and keep up my pace. I see the friend up ahead that is biking back. I know the turn around must be close. Sure enough I see the turnaround. I slow down and make a turn. I see the green jersey girl not too far behind and keep up the pace. I pull out my gel and try to go the same pace while eating it. I put the gel in my mouth and use my teeth to rip the top off it. With one hand I put the gel in my mouth, put the top piece in my pocket, and steer with the other hand. When I'm done I put the gel in my pocket and continue biking. I bike back up a hill that I saw my mom go up. A different girl passes me from behind and I try to stay up with her but can't. I watch her and keep biking.

I have a few hills which I stand up a little bit. I see a sign up ahead that says something about the line between Sacramento and the county. After that sign, the road gets bumpy again. I keep biking and the road curves again. I guess I'm about 5 miles away from the finish. I don't have my Garmin because it died. I'm biking along and see the girl that passed me up ahead. I try to start gaining on her. There's a headwind but I feel God pushing me and giving me energy. I know I'm racing for Him. I slowly get closer to her and when I get 6 bike lanes away, another girl passes me. I wonder how many more girls I have to pass. The girl that passed me passes the other girl and continues on. I pass the other girl and try to stay up with the new girl. She gets ahead a little bit but I can still see her. The road curves and I know that soon we will turn back into the park and I'll be done.


I’m not letting her get farther ahead. I make the turn and gain a little bit on her. It's uphill but I don't notice. I slowly gain and get closer. I see runners now on the side of the road for the Olympic and swim-run distance. I get closer and pass her and say good job. I get to the bridge and push it. There is a speed bump and I slow down but the girl behind me didn't slow down. I decide that I won't slow down either. I keep going and make it across the bridge. I get to the road and slip my feet out of my bike shoes and keep biking. The girl behind me pulls ahead. I don't worry because I know I can pass her in transition. The girl then pulls off by a campsite and I wonder if she is even in the race. Later I found out she was in the Olympic and probably was going to use the restroom. I keep biking and get ready to dismount. I get off my bike and try to find my rack. We bike in differently so I have no idea where my stuff is. I put my bike on a different bike rack that doesn’t have any stuff. I then find my stuff and run over and put my bib number on. I run out of transition with no shoes, because I don't need them, and run into the finish. I point to God and am happy it is done.

The funny part is all the people who passed me and then later I passed back were all doing the Olympic distance. All though it was good to have them push me. I got 2nd overall because one lady was far out there and I never saw her.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever!