Sunday, August 25, 2019

Good Dog/Dirty Dog 10K–Robin-2019

8/25/19, Granite Bay, CA



2nd Overall, 1st w/No Dog



10K: Oscar the Dog & Troy Soares

5K: Ashley & Hunter Glass

Anna was going to race this morning but she has rolled her ankle and will need a few more days of healing.  She’s got cross country meets on the horizon so we’ve got to keep her healthy.  Bill at Total Body Fitness has graciously allowed me to take her spot in the 10K in the no dog category at the last minute.  So appreciated!  I haven’t been training a whole lot lately so not looking forward to the discomfort that comes from racing.  I’ve been busy supporting Troy through his Ironman, Troy/Anna through their recent 1/2 Marathon (Anna’s first) and getting settled into the school year schedule.  It’s good to have something get me out and going.  I thank God that I can even jump into a race last minute! 

Our friend Chad Glass is doing the 10K with us.  His kids, Hunter and Ashley, are doing the 5K.  He brought his mom along to watch.  It’s great to hang out before!

We pray and then line up for the 10K.  We are running the 10K course twice.  Oscar and Troy are teaming up for the second weekend in a row.  This dog LOVES to run so no prob for him!

Mark from Total Body Fitness starts us off.  It’s a quick ready, set and go!  In the first stretch Troy and Oscar pull up to front.  I’m following a few non dog runners like me and a girl with a border collie.  Within a half mile we are on sand.  It’s tough but I’m able to power through.


Mile 1 is 7:42.  I’ve been able to pass the non dog runners.  I just have the border collie team and Troy/Oscar ahead.  We get to the levee and I can see the aid station and the girls.  I grab some water and wave.


Mile 2 is 7:28.  Feels like a sufferfest already but I’m gaining on the border collie team.  It motivates me to keep pushing.  Pretty soon I’m able to pass them up.  Thank you Lord for helping me persevere!


Mile 3 is 7:52.  I see Ariel and she tells me Chad hurt himself and is in the medical tent.  I say a prayer for him. 

Mile 4 is 8:02. I’m all alone now…and trying to stay motivated to push!  I’m redoing the same miles which is tough mentally as well.

I’ve made it back to the levee.  I’m catching up to the walkers in the 5K.  It’s no problem until I hit the single track.  It’s hard to pass folks with their dogs which is totally understandable.  A few times I have to slow to walk briefly. 

Mile 5 is 7:58. Tired but almost done!  I see a young girl with a dog and I realize it’s Ashley!  I catch up and tell her good job. 


Mile 6 is 8:01. Ok, the finish is right around the corner.  I here my family cheering for me.  Just a bit more!  I cross the finish line.  Thank you Jesus!


Troy and I find Chad in the medical tent with a severly rolled ankle.  We pray for him.  We send him off with his mom to get some care.  We wait with Hunter and Ashley for awards!  Then we all head off to our house for a quick change before church.  I love being able to race and still get to church!