Sunday, August 11, 2019

TBF Tri for Kids #3-Ariel-2019

8/11/19, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, CA
50m S – 4mi B – 1mi R

26:50 New PR for 11+ Course


5th Female (11 +), 2nd in Age Group (11);

Winner for 11 year Girls Tri Series


TeamMates/Friends: Ruth Boatwright


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go! I start swimming as fast as I can. This is my first-time swimming the long course with the older kids. It feels like but I should be ahead of everyone because I'm swimming super-duper fast, but I'm not. I am in the back. The sun is so bright I can hardly see the first buoy. I finally see the first buoy when I am 10 feet away from it. I go around it and keep swimming. I'm still not in the front, but I am in the back with a lot of other kids. I can't see the next buoy, it's the last one. I swim as fast as I go around it and keep it up until my knuckles touch the ground. Then I start to run out when to transition. I get on my bike helmet, my socks and my shoes. I get my bike and go out.



I run out of transition and get on my bike. We go up and down up over speed bumps. I do not like them. I try to bike around the bumps, but some you can't so I have to bike on them. I bike across the bridge. I can see the first person in the distance, but I can't tell who it is. I'm pretty sure it's a girl that I know named Shantelle, but I'm not sure. I keep biking trying to get as close as I can. Usually, when I was in the younger group, I would have started five minutes later and the first person would be coming back already, but now I'm in the older group so I'm closer to the first person. I bike my best trying to get close to Shantelle. I keep biking and biking finally, I see kids turning around at the turnaround. I go around it and start biking back. I look for Ruth but she must of already past because I couldn't see her. I keep biking and looking for Ruth. I go over the bumps and up and down the hills. I keep biking. Then I see the transition. I dismount off my bike take off my helmet and start the run.



I start running. I run to the first aid station. I can see Shantelle coming back. I grab some water from the aid station. I figure out its not water but its electrolytes which tasted like sugar. I throw it the to the ground. I keep on running the right onto some gravel and then onto the dirt. I run straight then turn. I go up a hill and cross a tiny bridge.

I go around the turnaround at the top of the hill. There's a kid behind me and I don't want him to pass me so I keep trying to run fast. I run back down the hill over the little bridge and on the flat dirt. I get back to the gravel. I see Ruth going out on the with her water bottle that my mom made with juice in it. I get back on the gravel and start running. I see the finish line. I go back by aid station. I'm not taking any water just in case I get that electrolytes water. I run across the grass. I finished at the finish line.