Sunday, August 18, 2019

Running with the Bears 1/2 Marathon-Anna-2019

8/1819, Greenville, CA
1/2 Marathon



1st, 15 and Under


TeamMates/Friends: Oscar the Dog, Troy Soares

IMG_20190817_065102135_HDR10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go! I start running downhill and then onto a flat road. My pace is too fast so I slow down. My dad runs ahead because he is doing a faster pace.

Mile 1IMG_20190817_070932802_HDR. 8:19. My goal is to do an 8:20 min pace. It feels really easy right now like I'm going 10 min pace. As I’m running I start to talk to a guy. We have a good conversation and after I’m done talking to him I pick up the pace because I’m now a little behind. We start to run in a small looking forest. It’s nice and cool and I enjoy running. I can see my dad running up ahead with Oscar. A lady with her dog is not too far behind. I don’t see any other dogs running. After running for a bit we turn onto another road.

Mile 2. 8:11.  I am catching up to a girl and a boy. They look like brother and sister, I’m not sure. We run along a winding road and a sheepdog barks at me.  We are running around a huge valley and there are a lot of farms.

Mile 3. 8:15. Around the corner, I see an aid station. The theme of the aid station is the 80’s. Before we started, the race director told us that at the end of the race you get to vote on the best aid station. The aid station that wins will get a lot of money. The people at the 80’s aid station are all dressed up and playing music not too loud. I grab water and continue on.

Mile 4. 8:17. The roads are winding and go uphill and downhill slightly. It’s cool to see all the houses, farmland, and tractors. Feels like the old times.

Mile 5. 8:11.  My left Achilles starts to hurt but I just trust that God will get me through. I’m thankful though that it isn’t my right foot because I had just recently twisted it and I am glad it is holding up.

I make sure to check my pace. I’m at 8:14, so I try to take it easier. I check my watch again and it’s at 8:16 so I keep the pace. My time shows I will be done in about an hour. It’s a long time but I know I will finish.

Mile 6. 8:09. After a while, I come to another aid station.  I grab water and take a gel. I run across a bridge and am now on a straight road. I check my time and pace. I’m ahead of pace at 8:16 and have about 40 min left.

I feel good and just stay at the pace and try not to go faster so I don’t get tired out. I just hit 6 ½ miles and am halfway done. Even though it’s half way it seems like the race will be done very soon.

Mile 7. 8:20. After running a while I see a girl with her dog up ahead. I remember seeing her running with dad in the beginning. She has fallen behind. I catch up to her and we talk and run together. I now see the other road that leads to the out and back spot. I turn onto it and continue running with the gal. I see the top runner in the half coming back. She is really fast and I start to count the places to tell dad what place he’s in. I see dad and tell him he’s 5th overall and 2nd man. He says ok and I keep running.

Mile 8. 8:22. . . I see the turn around up ahead with an aid station. The theme is beach, and it’s really big and beachy. They ask us to nod our head if we’re doing the half because the marathon was also going on. I nod my head and go around the turn. I ask for water and drink. The girl running with me stops and lets her dog go in the dog pool they have. I guess that's how she fell behind Dad. I start heading back. I pass the long straightaway road where I caught up to the girl and head towards the finish. I am about 4 ½ miles to go and I already feel myself picking up the pace.

IMG_20190817_090142358Mile 9. 7:57. My foot pain starts to go away and I thank God for the help. I am going a little faster and don’t worry about my pace. I notice that my Garmin beeps about .1  miles before the mile sign. I start to cut corners as best as I can so my Garmin will line up with the mile markers.

Mile 10. 8:04. There is a steep hill. I remember the man I talked to in the beginning said there would be a big hill at mile 10. It is steep but I don't mind. I get to the top and there's an aid station. I take my gel and drink water. The gel isn't that tasty. It’s a new flavor and it’s too thick. There’s yummy looking fruit at the aid station but I’m almost done.

Mile 11. 7:44. As I run around the mountain I have 2 miles left. I think I see the finish far in the distance but I’m not sure. After I round the corner I see another little valley to go around. I’m not sure anymore if that was the finish. I start to go around and hit another aid station. It is a cute “under the sea” looking station but a little small. I grab water and continue on. I am running around the valley and am now sure that the place I thought was the finish is the finish.

Mile 12. 7:28. I hit one mile to go and push on. I am going faster now and feel I’m getting closer. I remember a 13-mile sign around the corner when I had taken the bus to the start. After a half mile I know I’m close. I start to go around a mountain and know that the last turn should have the 13-mile sign. I continue to run around the mountain. It is a long turn, but then right around the corner is the 13-mile sign.

Mile 13. 7:45. I can now see the finish up ahead. I can also hear my family cheering me on. I start to run up to the finish line and the race director encourages me. I run in and point to God. Everything hurts afterward, so I go put my legs in a huge bucket of ice and water. It was so cold but I knew it would help my legs.

Praise The Lord For He Is Good, His Love Endures Forever.